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  1. Yeah it wouldn’t be vacuum anymore but if it’s filled with a gas that doesn’t conduct electricity when it’s liquid condensation won’t kill any components. Just sucking air out of a chamber with a custom metal lid that is attached to cpu/gpu on one side and has an integrated LN2 pod and filling the chamber with that gas shouldn’t be that hard. Right?
  2. I didn’t say vacuum means subzero temperature. I was thinking of a custom lid that attaches to cpu on one side and has LN2 pod on the other side which is in open air it’s outside of chamber.
  3. As I said you can fill it with other gasses that don’t conduct electricity in liquid from
  4. Have anyone done it before? If not (I haven’t heard anybody doing this) why? As I know the biggest concern in subzero over locking is condensation. Wouldn’t sucking air from components solve it? If cooling less heat generating parts is necessary can it be filled up with some gasses that won’t cause issues? Are there any other problems like bending duo to different materials contraction holding people back from -196C (-195.8) over clocking?
  5. do you think pcspecialist i7-10875H and RTX2070 is better than celvo i7-10875H with rtx 2060 or is it worth he extra mony for clevo RTX 2070 max q or something else in this price range ?
  6. Does are expensive I was looking to get clevo or pc specialist or somethings like that
  7. Hello. I was going to get a laptop (now I have an Asus K53SD i5-2450M) but I heard that Intel new 10nm high end cpus will be in Q1 2021 and my application requires more cpu power since my current laptop is pretty old I’m not sure if it is worse it to wait or get something like i7-10875H or ryzen 9 4900H the problem with ryzen is I haven’t seen a laptop with thunderbolt 3 (4lane) and anything above RTX 2060 so what’s your idea or any laptops do you recommend for around 1600€ in Germany.
  8. which one do you think is better? 32 GB (1x 32GB) DDR4 3200MHz Samsung / Crucial 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 2666MHz Hyperx / Vengeance
  9. hello as mechanicl engineering student is 16 gb of ram enough the other problem is the laptops that I found has 8 gb of ram integrated memory(+ 8 gb of sodimm) what does it mean? can I uprade it later (in dual channel or in single channel). does running it in single channel makes a noticeable difference ?
  10. hello as mechanical engineering student I want an laptop . is CUDA core required for GPU acceleration (matlab etc...) and if it is can I use GTX 1650 ? I heard that all Nvidia graphics cards after 2008 do have cuda cores but I don't see GTX1650 listed in nvidia cuda enabled list laptop I found is dell inspiron 15 7501
  11. oh I thought having same socket is enough but looks like it's not. thanks .
  12. well I was looking for somethings like that and I saw this one. thanks for answering