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  1. Gonna go with that and the buy 3700x and resell / use it somewhere else later
  2. Would you mind to make a part list , or specify the RAM / Board more? With my luck I will grab that "mid - high end b550" that is pretty much garbage ^^ And RAM that is know to have Problems... yeah thats my hidden skill -.- . " b die if you like overclocking" the...is a b die? And yes I plan on medium OC on that rig. " pcie 4 vs 3 could be a bigger difference" didnt NVIDIA say it wont be a noticeable difference? Where Intel VS AMD seems to be at least a few FPS difference..
  3. I guess for the Decision of 3080vs3090 we gonna wait for Benchmarks - got it. What about the rest of the System tho ? I guess the rest wont change much if I throw a 3080 or a 3090 in it. Thing is I want to order the parts in October so im defenitly ready on the 10.11. - guess Zen 3 wont be released then. So its Zen2 Vs Intel. + What board and what RAM?
  4. @Dedayog Im pretty sure D2 on max settings wont run very smoothly on a 1050ti since it wont run 144fps / 1080p on my 1080 wich shuold be more powerful then a 1050ti ( if i remember correctly ) Also I dont want to have to change anything in the next ~2-3 GPU Generations.
  5. Waiting longer wont be a good option for me since I want that Rig running at the 10.11.2020 ( Destiny 2 Beyond Light release date ) - shuold have stated that in my Post, my bad. So for Monitor more like 2k/144 hz - im totally fine with that. @Fasauceome why just 2 Sticks instead of 4 Sticks of RAM tho? And do you have an Idea how that AMD based build would compare to an Intel based one?
  6. Budget (including currency): 2000-4000€ Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mostly Destiny 2 and RoR2 + whatever I get my hands and friends on ^^ Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 144fps 2/4k (not sure what i am going tbh) with no fps drops below the 144 mark - existing parts none cause my GF gets my old Rig. Maybe I get the 1TB 970 out of my old rig - not sure yet. Thinking of 30
  7. Update: After cleaning up some Space on the Harddrive everthing works as intended ! Thank you all for the help
  8. Thanks for the tip with the EventViewer - seems like we ran out of Space on the HardDrive . Gonna make some Space later today (as soon as we have the possibility to shut down the VMs and then test again. Im writinig if it worked as soon as we know it ( may be tomorrow tho ). Thanks for now !
  9. Since these VMs are currently running I cant reproduce the ErrorMessage right now. Where do I find the corresponding entry int the Event Viewer?
  10. Its just a single CPU with 4 out of 8 Ports populated. Does that article still matter for us?
  11. Hey! We upgraded the Server of a Customer from 32GB to 64GB of RAM. Windows shows all 64GB as useable. But if we want to give the VMs in the HypeV Mananger more RAM then 32 GB combined they wont start anymore. Old Setup was Host 4GB - Domain 4GB - TerminalServer 24GB. New Setup shuold be Host 8GB - Domain 8GB - TerminalServer 48GB. If the Domian gets 8 and the TS stays at 24 everything is fine - but as soon as we cross 32GB combined from TS and Domain the Machine that would cause this ( so the one we stard 2nd ) wont start anymore... Anyone got