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  1. Yes i did remove the RAMS YES i did Try all four RAM Slots with both RAM sticks , if its one RAM it boots and also like i said above even having both my RAM Sticks in single channel (A1 , A2) slots it does boot too and recognize both of them ( am using the same PC to write here as you can see in the picture attached ) Yes i did check , i even bought a brand new motherboard just to be sure it's not a RAM slot issues , am having the Same scenario as my answers above Bent / damage CPU pin(s), affected the memory slots : i'm thinking the same , but i checked my C
  2. I didn't think about it , because they were working fine before but i'll give it a try and see Thank you i'll post the results this afternoon
  3. Hello People , I hope everybody is doing fine in these times ? I need some help , am little bit confused AS the title said my PC won't boot with dual channel anymore to give you guys some context i have a Ryzen 5 3600, 2 days ago i bought an Air Cooler Thermaltake UX200 , i took out the stock cooler , installed my new air cooler ( didn't forget the termal paste , neither the plastic protection below the air cooler lol ) , powered on all the rbg lights up even the 2x8 ram sticks , the air cooler works fine i can also hear my SSDs and hard drive running but it did
  4. @D13H4RD Thanks for your answer I double checked the PSU ( voltage seems fine to me ) , also the connectors are okay i've been playing this afternoon for hours without any led flashing again or weird noises from the PSU does this mean as long as i'm not overclocking component i should be fine ?
  5. @Kilrah yes i Thought so , i have a VS650 from Corsair , so if everything is back to stock , i should be fine right ?
  6. Hello everyone , i hope you're doing okay ? i'm having a bit of a fear here , recently i bought a Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 , it was working just fine then i Overclocked my CPU Ryzen 5 3400G , everything was working fine for a few days yesterday night i noticed that the power led in my GPU started flashing all of a sudden , no crashes or anything i immediatly reset my CPU to stock and kept monitoring the GPU power led for a 2 hours it didn't flash again my question is will the hardware be fine after this ? Does overclocking the CPU caus