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    PC gaming, Hobby electronics, Retro Hardware, Water Skiing, HiFi Audio
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    Software developer, PC Repair & Networking Tech


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    i7 4770
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H
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    16GB DDR3 1600
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    MSI GTX 760 OC 2GB
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    NZXT Source 210
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    1TB Black, 1TB Blue, 3TB Red
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    Cheap 500 watt, needs replacing.
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    LG 25UM57-P, 2 LG L194WTX, Sharp 32" TV
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    Crappy ancient 90s era rubber dome
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    Cheapo Logitech
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    Axiom Bookshelves and 12in Sub powered by Harman Kardon AVR 247
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    Windows 10 Home, Ubuntu 17.10

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  1. I have a gigabyte z87x-ud5h that had been working fine for years, until today. I moved the computer to a different room and when I tried booting it up again, the BIOS had reset and it would not respond to any inputs mouse or keyboard, ps/2 or usb. It's stuck on the BIOS has been reset - choose how to proceed, but I can't as no input device is recognized. USB devices are showing no signs of receiving any power and ps/2 appears to get power, but still no input is recognized. I've try clearing the cmos, stripping it down to just the cpu and 1 stick of ram, but still nothing. I've tried the usb 2
  2. I think I might be able to get away with an asus RT-AC66U running Merlin and installing nodogsplash through entware.
  3. Since it needs to run all the time, power consumption on a pfsense box made from spare parts that I have would be a bit too much and building something from new parts would negate the cost benefit. It'll will be serving the wifi half the building along with an EnGenius EAP600. 80 Simultaneous connected WiFi clients will probably be the max for both together and that would be on a busy day. Most days will see probably 50, of which probably only 20 will be very active. This is for a library in a small town with a 25Mbps PPOE DSL internet connection.
  4. Speed of the internet connection is 25MBPs. It needs to handle 80 devices, but those devices won't be imposing a heavy load.
  5. I'm looking for recommendations on a good, stable and inexpensive router that supports OpenWRT/LEDE. It should have a usb port for storing logs on a usb stick and have enough ram to run nodogsplash without hitching under the load of 80+ simultaneous users. I'm in Ontario, so Canadian stores preferred to avoid import issues.
  6. You can use dism to repair your windows 10 image. DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth However this will only repair the core of windows itself by comparing it to an online image hosted by microsoft. It's more likely though that the issues are down to drivers and third party services running in the background. Your best bet is to refresh your pc while keeping your data, but you will have to reinstall most of your software, https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/17085/windows-8-restore-refresh-reset-pc
  7. I have a 27" iMac late 2013 (a1419 emc2639) that I got for free because it has a dead MoBo, I don’t have the time or equipment to diagnose it and do board level repair. The screen looks to still be in good condition, so I’d like to see if I can find an inexpensive driver board for it so I can reuse it as a 1440p monitor. So far I haven’t been able to find a kit available that supports the specific model of LCD. The panel is an lg model LM270WQ1 (SD) (F2). From what I’m aware it uses eDP. I can find plenty of driver kits for similar models, but not this one specifically. Does anyone hav
  8. I can't find anything for limited exam accounts in the windows 10 settings. This windows 10 home on the desktop I'm configuring. I couldn't find anything on my laptop running windows 10 pro either. These computers not on a domain. Not sure if any of that matters.
  9. I don't have any settings for limited exam accounts or anything beyond creating standard or administrator accounts. Does it require having a Microsoft account logged in to access that option? I only have local accounts set up.
  10. Can you expand on that? I can't find any references to limited exam accounts in my google searches.
  11. I'm setting up a computer for public use at a library. It came with windows 10 home. I need to set it up so it doesn't remember any changes a user makes and starts them fresh from the default profile each time it logs in. Essentially what the guest account used to be on previous versions of windows. I've got the default account customized using audit mode and sysprep with copyprofile. I've been unsuccessful in setting up a mandatory profile and have turned to registry editing to reroute the location of the user directory to Users/TEMP, which works well, but always sho
  12. The intensity shuttle has a usb 3 version which I'll probably be going with at this point.
  13. I would prefer to use an all in one unit, whether it be VHS to DVD or VHS to HDD which is PC accessible. I just haven't found one that fits the budget and has good reviews regarding longevity. Nothing seems to be in production currently and it all seems to be new old stock with the prices jacked way up. If you could point me to the unit you used I'd love to go that direction. The blackmagic intensity shuttle is certainly on my list if I can't find a better solution. Thanks
  14. I'm setting up a "memory lab" for a local library. Basically it's a station where people can come in to convert old analog memories on slides, photos, documents, videos and convert them to digital formats for preservation and ease of sharing, I've got a good backlit scanner to handle photo's, slides and documents, but I need to find a good solution for converting analog video such as old vhs home movies. Since the primary users of this station will be the elderly, I need a solution that will be as dead simple to use as possible and stable enough to handle time base sync issues tha
  15. Still could be the PSU the cpu power on some supplies is on a separate rail. Could also be bad sectors in the gpu memory. Once it loads data in and hits a bad sector it can cause a system crash.