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  1. Hey guys , i had that problem before where my cpu got stuck on the cooler after removal but i removed it without any damage , but since im using low quality thermal paste i want to ask if the low quality thermal paste can bethe cause ? or it's just a common issue in amd sockets ? And if it can be the cause how much should i stay with that low quality thermal paste so it wont cause it again ? Ryzen 5 2600x Asus B450M-k prime
  2. one more thing bro after i changed the cooler i reapplied the thermal paste and the pc didnt start, i removed the cooler twice then put it back for like a minute or 2 is that going the effect the thermal paste ? my temps are fine but i saw some guys saying that i have to reapply , even tho i applied it today i just removed the cooler to check the cpu , am i good to go ?
  3. after 7h of trying i removed the cpu and i saw some thermal paste on its pins so i cleaned them now the pc starts normally i hope it keeps doing the same Btw thank you so much bro for your help
  4. I removed it now and checked nothing is damaged then I reseated it now the pc starts spinning but no display on the screen
  5. I reseated the cpu now the pc starts and spin but no display on the monitor
  6. But if the cpu was damaged how did the pc started after the pressure the first time ? can that be possible ?
  7. Hello guys So I changed my CPU cooler ( amd stock cooler ) to cooler master T200 first the cpu was stuck on the cooler but I removed it without any damage caused and reinstalled it after I finished installing the cpu cooler I tried to boot up but I didn't start after that I put some pressure on the CPU cooler and the PC started spinning but there was no display on the monitor after that I tried reinstalling the gpu but now even with pressure it does not start I don't know what I did wrong + I noticed when I put pressure on cpu cooler my headset's rgb sta
  8. I WISH SOO MAN i really do , i think i should try a new adapter and if the problem still shows ill try to get a new monitor and see Just not the gpu please god xDDD
  9. it happens fast bro and randomly i cant expect it actually and its not happening alot uk as i said twice maybe a day ! :// and as i mentioned for the guy above , i started to see some lines showing on the top of the monitor sometimes they show sometimes they dont , restarting the monitor manually makes them disapear sometimes !
  10. yeah buddy its an old monitor that i used for alot of years i can change it im just worried because some guy told me it can be the gpu causing it , and i really dont want that , my gpu seems to work fine even when playing games but this monitor issue happens even while not playing so it shouldnt be the gpu right ? one more thing the monitor started to show some lines sometimes they appear on the TOP of the screen and they keep showing fast not so big lines you know just a small line from the left to the right ON the top
  11. i have an adapter from vga to hdmi because my monitor doesnt have hdmi slot on it should i change the hdmi adapter or the vga cable ?
  12. by that you mean the gpu is more plausible or the drivers ? my temps seems to be fine i tested it with msi afterburner it doesnt get above 72 + i dont play heavy game alot
  13. Hello guys so one when i was playing VALORANT my monitor just went black ( and while its black there like these colors in the middle and sometimes its just black cant really see because it happens fast ) for like a second or 2 then comes back to normal i didnt care about it but after like 4 hours it did it again while playing the same game i thought it could be the game or something causing then the next day he did it again but this time i wasnt playing i was just on googleSo my question what can be the cause of this ?is it the monitor itself ?im scared of one thing : that my gpu is causing it
  14. i think i dont have XMP on my mbo where can i find it ?