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  1. Hello guys! I bought a new phone Xiaomi MI 10T and im really happy with it these couple of days, do yall have any tips and tricks for it? And is there any information that i need to know? Is this phone "reliable" etc...
  2. What title says, i have a xiaomi mi 10t and itd 5g compatible, and in this country only 4g+ is supported, is it better to have 5g enabled or 4g lte? what will have lower ms,speeds etc...
  3. Hello fellas! Is there any way to see how much power my pc uses/consumes without that wattmeter or smth? my pc specs are 8gb ddr3, hd 7770 asus ghz, fx 6100, gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2p motherboard, 1 120gb ssd, 1 250gb hdd, and i have a 550w power supply (some swiss one, have it for a couple of years, never had problems with it) and im planning on getting a gtx 770 idk will my power supply be able to handle it.
  4. I prolly want a super amoled or high refresh rate screen, battery as bigger as it can be, and just chipset to be snapdragon
  5. Hello fellas, im on a tight budget and i want to buy a new phone, but nothing fancy, i dont play games on my phone (just sometimes a few rounds of clash royale and thats it) which phone do yall recommend? I've seen xiaomi redmi note 10, poco x3 and poco f2 pro and they are pretty good. Any help is appreciated!
  6. no its not a phishing website, it just downloads brave for ur pc (brave browser) , dont worry i know what sites im visiting
  7. What title says, also i did a fresh system install and its still like this , on my pc its normal, idk whats going on, shes just learning german language, and cuz of this she cannot do it. Help fellas! U see how there are sum image icons idk, how do i fix this?
  8. Hello guys, i have gta 5 on my other hard drive, and when i scan for gta 5 on rockstar games launcher it says no titles were found, reinstalling it is not an option cuz my internet is slow af (10mbps). How can i fix this?
  9. I use it just for gaming and discord calls, it sounds good now, but i want it to sound a bit better. Thanks
  10. Hello! Im wondering what usb soundcard would be the best for my bm-800 sharkoon sb1 or ugreen?
  11. I wanted to buy a usb sound card for my mic bm800 just that it sounds a bit better, idk what sound card to buy between those 2
  12. Rujdaga

    Help please

    Make sure that u have this on ur outlet ↑ and this on ur cable ↑