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    Hi I would recommend you to unplug the hdd from your pc and do a clean install.
  2. Hi its better to get the noctua nhu 12 or the synch mugen 5. I dumped my ma410 cause its not efficient to run my 3600 using mugen 5 now easy to install overall good performer
  3. After I restart my pc it will work
  4. Hi good day i have an issue sometimes when i power on my pc my fan profile set in the bios will not work in windows. It goes random sometimes cpu fan sometimes case fan. My case fan is connected to a 6 port fan controller set to auto. Specs. CPU Ryzen 3600 Mobo Asus X370 Strix F Ram 32gb hyper x (16x2) GPU Asus Strix 1660Ti PSU Coolermaster V750 Fully Modular Case Bequiet 801 Fan Hub The original one from bequiet set to auto.
  5. Hi this indicates the windows is in hibernate state pls disable fast boot in windows and turn off hibernation. Ur gpu went to sleep mode
  6. I check by removing the dram and check no orange led so the led burn out, its ok problem solved, not big issues as system runs fine thanks everyone
  7. Hi good day everyone I recent replaved my old case to the awesome bequiet 801 TG and I notice my pc always skips the dram orange led. The sequence is like this red,white,green then it boots fine. Is it because I shorted the orange led or I didn't notice the boot and i am lazy to take the 2 sticks of ram to confirm. Any help will be appcriated.
  8. oh no i am not running teses fans, btw my pwm is 4pin that is 12v, ground, rpm,pwm signal will it not draw power from my mobo?
  9. I see so it will be taking power from the sata port instead oif my mobo header?
  10. Hi I just replace my old case with this 801 just wondering I plug in 6 fans total into the fan hub and i manage to use motherboard PWM signal to control them (total 6 fans) will it overload my fan header? I also plug in the sata power to the hub.
  11. No i keep my card at stock don't wanna shorten lifespan due to gpu storage
  12. I am not running any software besides nvidia game ready drivers.
  13. I assume is the gpu thermal throttle cause it shutter and regain back
  14. s settings for gpu or game I don't have flight simulator
  15. Silent Base 802 not available in my country Malaysia well not yet. I need the hdd cage cause I have more than 3 hdd.