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    CrapMations #8322
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    @JrMations, @FalcrowGamez

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    the closet
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    Software Concepts, Video Editing, Digital Art, Animation
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    where m' dad go


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    Core i3 5015U
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    HAHAHA idk I have a Laptop
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    4GB, DDR4
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    Intel HD 5500
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    Laptop (1)
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    500GB HDD
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    45W AC
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    17inch and probably 1080p
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    Spinny boi
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    Old broken Dell Mouse from 2010

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  1. I uninstalled Notepad on my PC before and when I tried to reinstall it via MS Store, this happens
  2. Thats how I pronounced it for a very long time lol
  3. Took some photos with it yesterday, was really anxious I'd drop it! XD
  4. Big thanks to AMOR Sweet Creations for the replica! This is one of the best gifts I've had yet.. until that Reno 3 Pro arrives
  5. Now you can eat the Tech Tips! For my 13th birthday, I asked my parents to buy a replica of the LTT Cake I saw on Twitter. and Voila! Here it is! I wonder if I can water cool it..
  6. Apparently it's "rolled out to everyone" and I DO NOT want to make another account
  7. Tried that, no option to switch to the new layout; meanwhile all my friends already have it
  8. Facebook rolled a redesign a year ago, it was promised that it'll be rolled out to everyone by September. It's now September 10 and I STILL don't have the New Facebook Layout. Does anybody know how I can switch to the new layout?
  9. Whenever I boot up my Laptop, the text is just black. It only goes back to normal if I click Task View. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  10. I've only seen Notification Sidebars in MacOS and in Windows, iOS and Android both have drop down notifs
  11. Here's the homescreen, I plan to make 2 versions of it so there's way more customization. I will probably end up using this for Desktop Mode since that was the theme I was going for here