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  1. Why is AMD out of the question? Does the higher VRAM not help? Also, why did you chose a gaming card over a workstation one? For the price of a 980 I could get a K2200. Is there any advantages to use a 980 for CAD?
  2. Ok, here's the gist. I work for a 3D printing/architecture/modeling place, and they want me to help them build a new CAD/3D editing workstation. I'd consider myself pretty computer literate (that's what a few years on this forum will do to you). The only problem is, I know almost nothing about computer hardware outside of the consumer/enthusiast side. I've done a bit of research, and so far I feel like I've only grazed the surface of workstation computers, and it's kinda overwhelming to be honest. I'd like some help gathering info on what components I should buy with my budget. Som
  3. Welp, I've been on this forum for more than a year and a half now.. I think it's about time I move on. Thanks for everything guys, it was fun. PM me if you want to exchange contact and whatnot. Have fun y'all.

  4. Well, I've decided it's about time I leave the forum, and in turn that means I won't be around this thread anymore. As someone who had a helping hand in making this thread ( ), and who's been here since @techswede made it almost a year ago (less than one more week until the one year anniversary!), it's been crazy seeing this thing grow. It's pretty cool seeing how cars can pull so many different people together, and especially on a forum dedicated to computers. I don't wanna write a super long goodbye letter/sob story thing or whatever, so I'll leave it at that. I had fun talking to you all ab
  5. Here's a pro-tip some people may not realize: If there's a cop behind you, don't run a red light.
  6. A Nissan VH/VK is another option I learned about recently. A version VK was used in Nissan's R35 racecar. Also, apparently Nissan sold the engine design to McLaren, who modified it and still uses in all their cars (P1, 650s, 12c, etc.) That wouldn't be a bad option either. They're pretty cheap on eBay. Wow, is Cali really that strict? That blows. Would they really check your car to make sure your tranny is one originally offered with your motor? How about a 2UZ? The Tundra came with a 2UZ and manual. Land Cruiser too I believe Nevermind, may not be correct.
  7. I dont know. It bugs my OCD a bit. I like keeping it in-brand. But LS's may be an exception, since they're so common/cheap/powerful/reliable. Yeah, I know. I actually saw him at a C&C back in VA two summers ago. Definitely top 1 or 2 dream car for me (although I may be biased). It was the first thing I posted on this thread on the first page Once I get more time and money, I'm making my car very similar to that.
  8. LS1's are lighter than S62's. And it is significantly cheaper, especially when factoring upkeep/maintenance into the picture. And like you said, it'll make power loads easier. That being said, I'd rather have an S62 in my car than an LS1. Putting a pushrod American engine into a German luxury car seems a bit sacrilegious S62's are also arguably one of the best power plants BMW has ever created. It would feel odd not to put it into a BMW that you're planning on V8 swapping, or at least considering it as an option
  9. That looks good. 5.7 is still pretty big IMO. How's fuel economy compared to a 5.3 or 4.8? Probably more about gearing? If I ever end up doing the swap, I'd most likely lean towards an L33, because the smaller displacement, but still an aluminum block... or an S62 Nissan made a VQ30DET from factory for a few JDM models. That being said, they ran super low boost.. maybe I should turbo mine To further fuel the want
  10. http://newyork.craigslist.org/brx/cto/5316419332.html I'm now accepting any donations. It will go towards a good cause
  11. On the topic of trucks, I've really liked the Repu since Finnegan and Freiburger had one.
  12. I can make up for your lack of injury. I've had enough injuries to cover the rest of both of our lives But seriously, consider yourself lucky. IDK where I read it, or if it's true, but I heard that 60% of people break a bone by the time they're 15 Edit: at least I'm not this guy.. https://www.reddit.com/comments/vog4h/i_am_18_and_had_over_400_broken_bones_in_my_life/
  13. I hate watching people get injured, so I'll pass on the video Lol. Tell me about it I'll take a pic of my leg leg later. Got some gnarly scars from all my leg injuries. Legs are definitely loads worse than arms, but none have anything on back or head injuries... Breaking my back was by far the worst injury. Still hurts two years later... Wow, I really derailed this thread Good thing @techswede said anything goes