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  1. I use Chrome most of the time and Firefox on my Linux distros. Honestly, Chrome's impact on my Surface Pro's battery is not that big a deal to me because I still get around 5 hours out of the device and that works for me. When last I checked, Edge had no extension support, and my extensions are essential to my Internet experience. The fact that Chrome auto imports all my stuff with my Google account to all devices is very convenient too. So the question becomes, what exactly is the "edge" this new browser is bringing, that's so good that I should switch? Can it do every
  2. The article leaves me with more questions than answers. Will they still be in the UWP format? Will it, therefore, always require Windows 10 when played through Steam? Will it be "multilayer DRM" a la Ubisoft games which launch uPlay through Steam? As the article ponders, will it be select games or timed exclusivity, or just a general pro-consumer move of giving us all more choice? I will say that in general I'm happy about this. Back when the Xbox One was gearing up to launch, Microsoft had taken a rather strong anti-consumer stance. They seem to be close
  3. I don't really want to play VR sitting down anyway. But the virtual vs. real movement problem does need solutions. Even with roomscale "warping" I found myself getting queasy feelings while playing Budget Cuts. I'd also like the solutions to not include omni-directional treadmills...
  4. At long last, we can leave our Bluetooth speakers playing music and go across our domiciles to poop with no interruption in music!
  5. I don't think it's accurate to call this a delay in the sense of tech news. They internally mulled over releasing it sooner and decided not to. Chances are by waiting they gain access to the much improved GPU power. When they first announced this Xbox One S it already had the end of 2017 date attached to it.
  6. I'm pretty sure this game is for PSVR, Oculus, and Vive, so title can get modified. This type of stuff is going to become a whole game genre and I'm excited for that. A big downside for the moment is needing... multiple VR headsets to play this? And you thought having to buy four consoles for multiplayer was bad... Vive * 4.
  7. I could, though then I end up getting the same amount of stuff either way. Third party Bluetooth adapter would come out cheaper, though I just saw regular Xbox One controllers at half price at local stores this week. Do these new controllers work with their new personalization controllers, too? That stuff is pretty cool.
  8. I don't think my mobo has Bluetooth, so this is equivalent to me getting any old Xbox One controller with the special wireless adapter I guess? But good to see.
  9. I'm not 100% sure what I was expecting, but those multiplayer streams were meh.
  10. Pretty stoked for this. Liked Halo Wars quite a bit, really good for a console RTS. And this is being made by Creative Assembly... they make great RTS games.
  11. 40% smaller, 2TB hard drive, 4K video output... Introducing... The Xbox One: What It Shoulda Been
  12. No, it's not worth it, definitely not brand new. It's already been more or less abandoned for a while. Really really really cheap used with a pile of games might be worth it though, so I guess it ultimately depends on the context.
  13. Um... present PS4's aren't suddenly useless because a new model comes out. Are PCs running GPUs two gens old useless too?