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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte A520 Elite
  • RAM
    32GB Muskin Redline 3000MHz
  • GPU
    Powercolor RX Vega 56
  • Case
    Phanteks P300A
  • Storage
    512GB Silicon Power NvME SSD
  • PSU
    Phanteks 650W
  • Display(s)
    Monoprice Zero-G 27-Inch 2560x1440 144hz
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-U9S
  • Keyboard
    Velocifire Tenkeyless
  • Mouse
    HyperX Pulsefire Dart
  • Operating System
    Debian Linux Bullseye
  • Phone
    Motorola G7 Plus With /e/

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  1. I would suggest the Bitspower NJORD if you are looking for 120mm fans i have these in my rig and i've used them for over a year and they're still quiet as the day i got them. good flow decent pressure and they look great. Amazon.com: Bitspower Touchaqua NJORD 120 PWM Fan Digital RGB (3pcs): Computers & Accessories
  2. Nope I can boot Linux just fine with secure boot on. I'm currently running windows 11 and just booted a Manjaro usb a couple hours ago as a test. Edit: Some EFI allow you to import trusted keys. And if you cannot some distros such as ubuntu have a method to get around it using a shim binary signed by microsoft. Edit2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot Its a bit more of a pain in the ass but its doable.
  3. Last time I looked at the website they removed mention of 1.2 and say 2.0 is required now. But I could be wrong or they could be wrong I don't think anyone knows for sure at this point.
  4. Because Microsoft decided Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0 support. It will not install without it. And from what I've seen at least on my own computers they don't have it enabled by default. Here's a quote from the windows 11 page:
  5. I agree, but there is also the problem of Windows 11 requiring either a layman to go into the uefi and turn on TPM if they have a supported platform. I can't imagine them being able to handle doing that either. And that isn't something you can do remotely for people either.
  6. As much as I love Linux and have used it as my main OS for years. its just not an option for me anymore because of anti-cheat software. The only way I could go back to using Linux as my main OS would be to give up gaming with my friends and I'm just not willing to do that. I've been using the windows 11 dev preview all day since it came out and I think its great. However I won't be doing anything "important" on it. Anything important I keep a USB stick with linux on it boot to that, take care of the important things I need to do and then boot back to windows.
  7. That should be a 2nd gen Ryzen because its a tweaked 2600 rebranded to 1600. Also people don't seem to be understanding the restriction is nothing to do with how old the cpu is or how fast or slow it is, its all about hardware security features that the older chips are missing. The older chips just don't support the required hardware memory integrity and virtualization based security systems.
  8. Actually there may be a legit reason for microsoft not supporting pre 8th gen intel cpus and pre zen 2 cpus from AMD. TPM is NOT the only reason. Windows 11 seems to use HCVI a hardware based security platform that was introduced with 8th gen intel and zen 2 cpus. While browsing reddit I ran across a post about it you can find that post here: https://redd.it/o9m5t5 perhaps this is the reason or it may not be just a wild guess and as per the reddit thread i'm guessing the compatibility tool isn't checking specific CPU's but rather if it supports the feature or n
  9. I would assume its probably fine if the computer still works fine. Besides if it were going to fuck anything up it would have already because you kept using it after. When electronics get wet you're supposed to remove power immediately and let them dry with some fans to circulate the air for a couple of days.
  10. I would not go with anything that is based upon Arch Linux if you don't want something easy to break. With Arch based things you have to pay attention to the news feed on the Arch website because they have updates where you need manual intervention to avoid breaking things, Not a super new user friendly thing. Manjaro is based upon Arch but is NOT Arch. As far as user friendly space, what is user friendly to you? If you don't mind having to do a little bit of work for things like installing the nvidia driver. To install nvidia drivers on fedora you goto RPM Fusi
  11. Manjaro is great. Give it a shot. One thing you do have to be aware of is rolling releases are more likely to break than a non rolling release especially if you don't update them often enough. And most distros these days have ways to do upgrades from one release to another without having to download a new iso.
  12. BSD's hardware support for new things is not as good as Linux. Also a lot of things that work well on Linux such as Steam do not work well or at all on BSD. You could run any version of BSD as a desktop but I would not suggest it, it really is meant to be a server OS, where as Linux was actually designed to be a desktop OS originally. I would just find a Linux distribution you like and use that. As long as you stay away from the tiny niche distros it shouldn't be that confusing. For a beginner I would recommend Ubuntu simply because its one of the more friendly distros to b
  13. AT&T (who owns cricket) is being a jerk about this stuff. The phone may have the bands and the stuff you need but if its not a device on the approved device list you're out of luck. T-mobile based carriers don't have this type of restriction. Check out US Mobile if you're looking for cheap unlimited they use either the Verizon network or T-Mobile. Edit: sorry didn't notice this was an older post.
  14. If you insist on building now try to buy directly from board partners like evga, zotac, asus etc. You'll get a much better price than you would through someplace like newegg, amazon or any of the others. The problem is you gotta be super fast when you get the notification that its in stock.
  15. Guys, the OP said they would be buying parts used. Not paying $600 for a first gen ryzen that would be crazy. From my quick search around evilbay, I found the average price for a R7 1800 would be about $155 (USD) Anyway I digress, I would say no way unless you can get the entire rig for like $500 - $600. Something more like this would be better: (for the GPU all you can do is sign up for evga's notify me and try to get one.) PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor ($319.99 @ Newegg) CPU Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 Rev