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  1. ok so tons of desiccant for when it is room temp, let it sit locked closed for a couple days, then turn on the freezer. Also maybe some added silicone on the seals.
  2. I'll just insulate it. Or worst case put this on it https://www.omega.com/en-us/industrial-heaters/surface-heaters/flexible-heaters/srfra-srfga/p/SRFGA-104-5?gclid=CjwKCAiAu8SABhAxEiwAsodSZHIlhESvfaZlw5u6-fEfef7kUJSWYrsnh8py0R9A9vHt1r0gwzVkgRoCULcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds You guys don't seem very solution oriented. Obviously this all can work and it can work with some diligent napkin math. It's not rocket science.
  3. Nice those are good scores. I would guess I got a golden chip considering I am reaching similar scores using just PBO. I think these chips have such little headroom that PBO is almost better able to take advantage of it by scheduling the boosts when it sees stability. Also maybe the 3600x in general has a little more headroom than the 3600? At launch I imagine they were just different bins. Overtime the differences probably shrunk. I also managed thisTime Spy score with is just 600 points off the worlds best run with a ryzen 3600x and 2070 super.
  4. I update the bottom of the post with some new r23 scores. Can you please post your scores too? I'm not sure how the system is holding up and don't have my bearings for r23 scores yet. I scored roughly 10300 all core average and 1310 average single core. Settings same as above but with the following changes: Per the post: Ran these with the process priority set at realtime. I've been able to bump up my flck to 1866 and my ram to 3666. No other changes other than a bunch of installs and using this OS for about a year. Looks like I'm getting 4399Mhz all core, and boosts t
  5. Automotive coolant will be fine for -20c. I don't need additional air blown into the box, I just need to keep the box below freezing and keep it sealed to outside air. Might need to beef up the seals a bit.
  6. Would this be better: https://www.usalab.com/usa-lab-40-c-20l-recirculating-chiller-uc-20-40-30l-min/
  7. Good to know about the dehumidification. I want to go with these chillers because I know they have decent capacity and minimum set points, but also they have pretty trick software to allow me to control them with the computer. It seems like this is the be approach, also considering how affordable they are, to go sub zero for any amount of time and run very cold the rest the time. If you can point me to a chiller that is more powerful with the ability to have it turn off when the computer turns off, but still under $4000 I would be happy to see it.
  8. The 20 - 30 gallons of coolant is to mitigate the other issues you spoke of. It seems ridiculous, but if you know you have 20-30 gallons of coolant stored at -25* before you turn on the computer, then you know you have the ability to run with liquid at that temperature for at least some time. As far as dessicants go, I was worried about this. I found that some dessicants work better at lower temps than others. Do you have any other ideas for eliminating freezer frost? That's one reason I didn't want to use Ice, I wanted to limit the moisture that can dissipate into the air in the f
  9. CONSULTATION NEEDED I plan on building a complex cooling system in my garage to keep my GPU and CPU around 0* C on a daily basis without condensation concerns, and while minimizing energy consumption concerns. I am hoping this will give me the fastest, stable, convenient and "practical" computer in the world in gaming workloads. I plan on running the I/O through the wall to my office which is backed up against the garage. Before you doubt me, know that a PC with 850W power consumption (higher than most high end single card rigs) emits 3000 BTU/Hour under full load. I have done the
  10. Hey guys, If you're looking to get the most out of PBO on your Ryzen 3600X but still have your CPU throttle/gear down under light load this post is for you. I am getting 10%+ improvements on most benchmarks over stock and typical recommended PBO settings. I built a mid range gaming PC last month. Important specs: CPU: Ryzen 3600x (Regularly boosting up to 4.475Ghz on 2 cores and running 4.25-4.35 Ghz on all cores under sustained load. 1900 Mhz Infinity Fabric OC) Cooler: Fractal S36 360mm AIO with 6 fan push/pull config MOBO: Asus Prime X570-PRO (B
  11. Hi Super_Moose93, You should have no issue. Here is a link to a 1080 ti running Elder Scrolls in 4k at 90+ fps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HHCnuCWGkg . You can find lots of other videos of a 1080 ti crushing other games you mentioned. Most of the time these days the GPU is by far the most important component to running games this well assuming something else in your system is not massively under-speced. Nothing in your system is an apparent bottle neck, all of the parts seem well matched and the 1080 ti should be able to still play almost all games at levels close to the ones