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  1. Previous owners never used the wired network. The cables weren’t even terminated. In the junction box there were only loose cables. I figured as the “central” box were all the cables meet, it would be best to set the rack by. That being said, maybe I can put an 8 or 16 port switch and call it at day and keep the rack in the office room. I was just trying to make space. I also just noticed the garage raised today to 87°F/31°C. So I’m guessing I’ll probably see temperature in the garage slightly higher. I’m guessing to be safe at this point is to leave it in the office.
  2. So I’m thinking of moving my small rack with Ubiquiti gateway, switch, cloud key, and Netgear modem from the office room to the garage of my house. The normal temp inside garage is around 80°F/26°C to 85°F/29°C in Florida (U.S.A) humidity. Question is, does anyone think I’ll have any problems by operating all these devices within the garage? I want to move it to the garage since I just moved to this house and it’s already wired with Cat5e throughout the home and the junction box is in the garage. I’m open to suggestions or ideas. Thanks in advance.
  3. Seems you're right. That's why I figure I ask and get someone else's opinion before diving in. Thanks for your help.
  4. Has anyone tested the Deeper Connect? Does anyone have an opinion on it? Is it as good as they claim? Does it do anything in the background that we don't know? Is it wort it? Has anyone tested one yet? Sorry for the 20 questions It just keeps popping up everywhere in adverts and I'm just curious. Here are some links I've found about them: https://deeper.network/#/ https://deepernetwork.io https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/deeper-connect-mini-decentralized-cybersecurity/x/13358962#/