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  1. No you do make a valid point, I think it may have improved, but not massively.
  2. I wasn’t aware they had stopped mining gmail. I don’t have a mac but I would assume at least compared to chrome at least Safari would be better at stopping trackers and stuff
  3. The memory hog part I believe was because it was sandboxing, each tab starts a new process in windows at least.
  4. Hi All, So I’ve been thinking, why do people insist on avoiding Google chrome when they use Google products, like search, gmail and YouTube. I’ve been using Brave recently and its great, but lets face it, if you use a Google device like WiFi, Android, ChromeCast or whatever Google is still getting that data from you. I’m just a little confused as to why people run away from Google but yet still use Android devices which are still tracking them, plus other things. Thanks
  5. Hi all So after returning 2 pairs of earphones due to damage I am looking for some better advice on what to get. My budget is around £50, I'm not bothered about wired or wireless, my phone has a 3.5mm so I can do that if needed. I use my headphones a lot, I really like apple in ears buds but being lightning kinda doesn't work on android. Any suggestions, Mic quality is key, but I also use it for music and podcasts but I don't have to have the ultimate in sound quality for that. Thanks
  6. Time keeping, of course. Step tracking, maybe sleep tracking, notification mirroring, music syncing.
  7. Apparently they supported the S3 from 2016 until 2020, so there is hope. I might get it and if I like the galaxy watch I'll upgrade next year if they make a new one
  8. Hi all So last week you guys helped me switch from iOS to android, so thanks first! Now it's time to sell the Apple watch and get an android watch. I'm looking at a good condition galaxy watch, however is it worth buying in 2020? Being a 2018 watch? It hasn't had updates since last year making me think it's hit EOL. it's the sm-r810 I'm looking at 42mm, I prefer the look over the active. Or should I even be bothered about the updates on a watch? And just get it? Much appreciated again! Thanks!!
  9. No sorry, I'll be sim only next year for e sim, I purchased the S10 lite second hand in perfect condition
  10. Nope your right, just looked at it while I cant use standby sim just yet (will be soon when I switch to EE) it has better specs overall it seems, plus bigger screen. Much appreciated!
  11. I know it will be the exynos version, as long as I charge it up driving home it should be fine, I have a 24w port and charger in my car to help charge. I dont want to drop to the lite version really, I like the front camera really of the s10+ also!
  12. With work I spend a lot of time on mobile data, VoIP calls or cell calls, emails, MS Teams so on. I'm away from my laptop a lot so its essentially a portable office for me also!
  13. Sorry yes, around £500, used is an option, looking at an S10+ for around £500 now.
  14. Hi All, So I am looking at switching to Android from iOS, but not sure which phone to buy, and was hoping with a list of wants you guys could help. So I've currently looked at Note 10+ 5G (Has hybrid sim on exynos which is what ill be getting), Pixel 4 which also has hybrid sim, is cheaper and 90Hz display. My concerns with Samsung is their update cycle, they're kind of scummy, they're slow and I've heard reports that the version they ship with they count as one of the updates in its life time, but their screens are amazing! The pixel has much better update cy
  15. Thats a good idea, Simple logon does the same, however I can turn it on or off if needed, say I sign up for Twitter and I want updates I can turn them on, but say I sign up to amazon and dont want updates, I can turn that specific address forwarding off.