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  1. This one seems pretty promising then. Good spec, great size and resolution, only downside is the lower HDR. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-series/predatorx38
  2. 3d modeling for me is starting out as a beginner, just learning as i go kind of thing. So primarily its for gaming right now
  3. So the G9 was originally my go too, but it seems there are alot of issues with it and its been near impossible to find. So I'm a little worried it had design flaws.
  4. Getting close to finishing my first build in years and i went crazy with the budget. Last thing left is a monitor and i cant for the life of me decide. For gaming and for 3d graphics design. You cant get a 4k curved with high refresh for gaming so I'm left making a tough decision. So, do i go QHD+ Curved Or do i go no curve and stick with 4k? One favourite is ROG Swift PG35VQ Ultra-Wide Another isnt out yet but looks wider, just lower refresh and lower HDR Acer Predator X38 (Launching for Canada in November) So if i want th
  5. ok so one more scenario i didnt consider. Looking at video on youtube shows that this is the best and cooler method. Push/Pull on the front rads. That would pull the cold air in, cool the rads, the inside fans would then pull the heat off the rads and move it out the back. the air on the tip would help there too. thoughts?
  6. So what if i eliminate the top rad and just use 3 fans? The front will still have the 2 480 rads with 8 fans pulling in. Will a third rad actually help or is it over kill? The case can hold 2 systems. So its possible the top would be for a rad for the mini second system.
  7. Not sure if the glass could be removed but not sure if id want to. It will just expose the dust cover and look pretty bad. There is also a pretty decent gap between the glass and the frame.
  8. The Obsidian 1000d does not have a bottom fan space. The PSU and hard drive enclosure takes up the space unfortunately. Just 2 on the upper back
  9. Hi Everyone, long time watching new time..forumer?! I am building a whole new rig and its my first time using water cooling. I asked Reddit and got some advice but i need something more concrete. Use for start with high end gaming but i plan on learning 3d animation and design so rendering times will be important, so constant cooling. Here is the end build, once parts are in stock, not including water cooling as thats the advice i need: Corsair Obsidian 1000d AMD Ryzen 5950x (Waiting to order as it launches Nov 5th) (This will have a water block) ROG Cro
  10. I wish, im also going to be in an apartment with no access to tools.
  11. This would be a dream..but man that price hurts. https://www.lian-li.com/dk-05/
  12. For cases, i used to love Thermaltake, i was looking at the Level 20 as i love the modular design and it has room for a tonne of cooling and drives. I have no problem with a super tower, i just want more space for the bigger graphics cards etc so i wont have future issues. I have looked at the Corsair ones and Lian Li too. They both have some nice ones. I want to go super tower so i know i wont have to limit the stuff i buy based on space.
  13. I think the most difficult part is deciding on brands. It seems Intel has the best clock speeds, better for gaming, but AMD has the most cores which is better for 3d rendering. Also, i always used to pick ASUS MBs as a preference and i love the design of them. But on reddit i was informed that some brands works better with certain processor brands. I want to make sure i have room to expand RAM, maybe start with 32gb or 64 and have the ability to go into the 100s if i get big into 3d design. I'll certainly look at AIOs, never tried them before but might be worth looking at.
  14. Yeah i wasn't going to wait then i saw that its likely going to be around September, wont have the funds still late July so it isn't much more of a wait, havent had a PC for years after my crappy laptop died so whats another month. As for the desk situation, my new place as a decent den so its more of picking a nice big desk anyway regardless of if i go for 1 or 3 monitors. just hard to find the best options. i like the idea of super wide screen gaming just so you dont have the boarder. I guess i could even do one ultra wide for gaming and a second for other stuff, like for 3d i w
  15. Budget (including currency): CDN and no real budget Country: Canada, Ontario Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: A lot of gaming of all different kinds and learning 3d Design and animation on the side. Other details: All new, starting from scratch, ill be getting desk, chair, monitors, mouse keyboard the entire thing. Not sure if i want 3 monitors or 1 extra wide but with the advent of 4k gaming on the horizon thats something ill be aiming for. Hi Everyone, first time posting. So, first off the reasoning, I could never afford a PC, no