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  1. Doubt it. This guy here overclocked his with plenty of time to find his maximum clocks, Jay made a review with a time limit, very different.
  2. Wow, i am glad they don't make copies of you too much, no one wants this.
  3. They won't burden you after 6 hours straight gaming then spending the next day being active, if you are sitting there stuffing your face with cheeto's, drinking 10 gallons of energy drinks and raging at getting PWNT by some noob EVERY DAY then you are clearly in for some problems. People these days... "how do i move?"
  4. No i expect a sim not bad physics, terrible handling and broken AI.
  5. For those who have never played Forza 7 maybe.
  6. As if people think only 1 brand make cameras. Lockdown has destroyed braincells.
  7. The first game was not all that great either so i am unsure of what people expected upon this release.
  8. The issue is that you have an issue.
  9. Assetto Corsa sucks like Project Cars, bad games. The rest are good.
  10. Has nothing to do with AF. Likely it is your CPU.
  11. AF don't kill FPS unless you are running something like a GT 210.