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  1. it is the ability to find images similar to a screenshot captured by the user. You create a snip of the screen area, and Windows will find similar images with Bing Visual Search in Microsoft Edge. it's in windows 10. but i can't seem to find it in windows 11 insider preview
  2. does anyone know if I can search with screenshot in windows11 ? because I can't seem to find it
  3. it keeps asking me to register over and over again what do I Settings 2021-08-01 05-13-08_Trim.mp4 do help
  4. If I upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11 insider program Dev branch can I still get the full version for free when it's released. by the way my hardware is compatible
  5. ok thanks i have a soldering iron but a very cheap crappy one that almost doesn't work i will give fixing it a try and properly fail and buy a new one at the end
  6. can you explain more what does use a wire mean and what is a trace
  7. Please help How can I fix my headset bluetooth stick should I just solder the thing together?. I never soldered before
  8. I throw the old socket and get another? And can I rib the other socket from a usb cable? And I never soldered before
  9. Help I broke my usb stick what can I do to try and fix it
  10. is there is any way to play corrupt video
  11. I have made a post before about the new Playstation 5 prices in my country Saudi Arabia it was 2300 SAR which is about 610 USD turns out that was just a preorder discount and now it's 3000 in the store which is about 800 USD . even worse on amazon.sa it's 4444 SAR by Sony which is about 1200 that's more than double the original price wtf are these prices man. so just wondering is that normal because of the rarity of the consoles right now or what. by the way it was originally priced at 2300 by the official Playstation Saudi Arabia USD
  12. I live in Saudi arabia and the Playstation 5 price in here is 2300 SAR which is about 610 USD and the digital one is 1800 SAR which is about 480 USD. is this normal or what the disc version is 100 USD higher than the announced price. I know it might be because of tax and stuff but its still a lot more than the price it is supposed to be. is the price also higher in other countries or what's going on here
  13. I don't know it's a little janky especially with connecting the dualshock to the pc a lot of games don't want to work with it
  14. I want to keep the ps4 because I love their exclusives though