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  1. Whoops, I'll rename the topic, to be accurate. I meant to say if my pc is low, mid or high end. I'm able to play some modern games at 144 hz at 1440p, though some of them I would have to lower the graphics to achieve that.
  2. My specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: RX 5700 xt xfx thicc 3 RAM: ripjaws 16gb ddr4 3600 (PC4 28800) Storage: crucial mx500 2tb ssd sata, samsung 970 EVO plus 2tb ssd m.2 nvme, and a toshiba 2tb external hdd Psu: 650w gold evga Monitor: Dell 1440p 144hz 1ms
  3. I eventually discovered that it was a glitch, that others have also experienced and it was caused by a cutscene that happened right after. When I went to the next level it worked how I expected it to work.
  4. I don't see any options in the game that allow me to set my preferred fps limit.
  5. I did turn off v sync, and my monitor has a 144hz option though.
  6. I was able to play Doom at a much higher framerate before,but since yesterday night it's always been stuck at 60 fps. I turned off the v-sync, nothing changed. I changed from Vulkan to OpenGl, nothing changed. I set the minimum fps at 144fps on the amd app, nothing changed. And I set the launch option of the game by inputting this code "+jobs_numthreads 8", and still nothing changed.
  7. I just realized that I was focused on the junction temp which was around the 100 degrees mark. The regular gpu temp was around 80 degrees.
  8. I set my fan speed to 100% when it reaches 80 degrees. However I can't adjust my temperature limit on the msi afterburner for some reason.
  9. I have an xfx thicc 3 rx 5700 xt gpu, and when I play certain games at high settings I see the temperatures near at 100 degrees. Is that too much or is that normal?
  10. I just finished upgrading my pc, hpwever I can't get out of the booting screen. And for some reason even though I updated the bios to f50 before, it's back to f40. Is it because of the rams I replaced? Edit: False alarm. I got it to work somehow.
  11. It's around 195gb for the folders, and 2tb for the external hdd.
  12. Okay. Though I really want to know, will the folders that I already stored in my hdd will be safe? Or will they have to get erased?
  13. I'm trying to backup my folders to my external hdd hardrive using windows 10, which I selected for the backup, but I clicked on "backup now" and the "last backup" date appeared, and the size still says 0 bytes. Plus the file history folder in my hardrive doesn't have all of my folders. Also do I need to format my hdd again? Because I have alot of other files on that.
  14. Also will I need to format my hdd? Because I have alot of things in there.