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  1. So, the old ram works perfectly. Either new ram is DOA or not compatible. Either way it's getting returned. Does anyone have a suggestion for different ram to try?
  2. Good suggestion. If it doesn't come back on in a few minutes I'm gonna swap the old ram back in. If it comes on then I'll put that new stick in the other laptop. The other laptop is a pain in the ass to open, unfortunately. Sigh...
  3. I'm gonna give it a few more minutes just in case then I'll try that.
  4. Turns out I had a faulty unit. Got it replaced and it's working fine now. Thanks!!
  5. Hi, I have a motile M141 that came with 4gn RAM. I bought viper gaming 16GB ddr4 pc4-21300 2666MHz ram to replace it. I've seen online where someone else used the same ram successfully. Didn't run at full speed but idc about that. I installed the new ram and hit the power button and i just have a black screen. The light came on on the power button but nothing on screen. No bios or anything. On my other laptop the same thing happened when I upgraded the RAM but it resumed normal function after a few minutes. Thouht this would be the sa
  6. Hi all, Having issues with horrendously slow wifi and I've not been able to find solutions or probable causes in my online searches. I have spectrum cable internet, my Gateway is a Technicolor TC8717t. Wired directly to it I get 120mbps just like I pay for, but on either of the wifi bands sitting right next to it I get a fraction of that speed. On 2.4GHz I am getting about 5mbps today, but usually it's closer to 30mbps. On 5GHz I get about 40mbps usually, as long as I'm within 20 feet of the Gateway. My phone actually gets 120mbps on the 5GHz band, but only 30mbps on t
  7. Wow this sounds like exactly what's happening. So weird to me that it idles normally then drops like a rock when boosting. This would explain that behavior!! Thank you so much! I was having such a hard time finding info on this, but this sounds like it really may work! I'll give it a shot today
  8. Temps are really low, like 48C. I know for sure this laptop can run up to 94C because of an older issue I had with airflow.
  9. Hi all, I've been unable to find anyone with the same problem so far so I figured I'd just post. I have an Asus Tuf fx505 with an i5-9300h and a GTX 1650. As of 2 days ago I am having severe power limit throttling issues. Both in games and idle or doing basic web browsing my CPU is stuck at around 800Mhz when it normally runs 3500-4000Mhz under load. I've monitored this with XTU and in-game with Afterburner and it's very consistent. My performance is absolute garbage. XTU stress test told me it's power limit throttling and not thermal. To fix it
  10. Hi, I bought an Asus Tuf Fx505 on sale last Black Friday. It has an i5-9300h and a gtx1650. I don't remember having overheating issues but I think most games only hit like 30-40% CPU usage.I play a lot of older stuff. Recently I've been on Far Cry 5 and I'm hitting 93C+ within 2 minutes of starting the game and throttling really hard. Only getting to a sustained 50-60% CPU utilization too. I opened it up and cleaned out the dust, then I undervolted the cpu by 125 millivolts. This helped a little but it's still overheating even though I never go m