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  1. I like to make basic YouTube videos in Premiere Pro (CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Graphics: RX 580), and I have been wondering, when rendering a video, is it better to switch to switch to Compute mode in Radeon Software?
  2. I have been looking for an old gauge looking skin for Rainmeter, the application that adds widgets to your Windows desktop.
  3. So, my birthday is coming up. At the time of writing, I am currently using a shared computer (A320 DMS Motherboard, 16 GB Memory, 350 GB Boot Drive, 2 TB External HD, AMD Ryzen 2600 6 Core Processor, AMD RX 580 Graphics Card) and I want to upgrade to my own computer. So, I started going on amazon looking for a bang for the buck laptop, but then, I started seeing bad reviews for them. Are there any AMD only Processors and Graphics Card and Motherboards I should get that pack a lot of punch for the money? Thanks.