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  1. I (My dad) just bought Microsoft Office 2019 from softwarekeep.co.uk and it's downloading a .img file, I've never heard of this file type. What is it? Should I be worried about it? And why is my computer saying it can be potentially harmful?
  2. So I have a computer with Windows 7 Pro already installed, and I have the Windows 10 installation tool downloaded and ready to run. Is it as simple as running the tool and upgrading then I'll get a licenced Windows 10? Only reason I ask is I thought the scheme to upgrade for free had ended? Any help or incite on the process is appreciated
  3. Essentially I have a computer with Windows 7 Professional, when upgrading it through Microsoft do you get to keep the processional part, i.e. I would get Windows 10 Professional? or do you get the basic Windows 10?
  4. My computer is working normally, it just looks like there is a slightly transparent grey filter.
  5. So I downloaded Star Wars battlefront 2, then opened the game, and I noticed my screen turn greyish (and not just when in the game). So i restarted the computer, and it has not gone away, any ideas? When I print screen and view the image on a different device it looks normal. I have not altered any of my monitor settings, and when I open the monitor menu I can tell that the colours on the menu are correct. So I doubt it is that.
  6. I currently have a 750w corsair PSU and saw people stressing out on the forums about the consumption by 30 series cards. So I wondered what PSU is needed to run a 3080? I checked a PSU calculator and it said I'd be fine with a 700W PSU, but I somehow doubt that.. My setup is: CPU: i7-8700 RAM: TridentRGB 3200MHz DDR4 (4x8GB) MB: H370 Aorus Gaming 3 WIFI (dw about the ram, I'm aware) Storage: 1 x 1TB HDD, 2 x SATA SSD (240GB and 1TB), 1 x NVMe M.2. SSD 4 x 120 mm Fans
  7. First off, I obviously understand demand is high right now, and supply is low, but I actually don't know where (if they were available) I can get one in the UK? The NVIDEA website link other cards and where to buy them but not the Founders Edition. Checked several other retailers and I can't see it listed anywhere. I'm obvs not gonna help the scalpers on ebay. So anyone know any sites where the card is listed? Help much appreciated
  8. Yes the old computer was some pre built thing, the new one is a custom build so i can upgrade it etc
  9. Old video cam recorder that uses firewire need to transfer the videos from holidays over and I don't want to keep the old PC just for that
  10. Hello all, I'm not sure this is the right section to be talking about this but here goes. I'm upgrading a 10 year old desktop pc to a new pc. The old PC has a firewire port built into it, and the new one will not have the space I believe to plug it in. I'll link the case ( https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/components-upgrades/tower-cases/fractal-design-node-202-mini-itx-pc-case-10202342-pdt.html ). I think maybe one solution may be to have a firewire port card and use a pci extender due to the small case/case layout?? Any ideas thoughts mu
  11. Oh good i was looking exactly at that model but couldn’t see an option to get from 8gb to 16gb!
  12. Hello all, I’m attempting to decide on a laptop within a reasonable budget of roughly £800. The laptop is mainly going to be for statistics work which is cpu intensive, as well as general work. I’ll probably require 16gb of ram. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or a website they can suggest to compare and find laptops? Help always appreciated, and thanks in advance :)