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  1. Lot of older hardware laying around and finally put it to use. Q6600 @3ghz, Evga gtx 580, evga 500w psi. Couple random HDD and 4Gb of mismatched ram. Mainly going to be using for an emulation machine. Really just wanted to use my 580 again as it’s been sitting for a very long time.
  2. RG84

    Lil Mønster

    Looks good, how’s the case? I’ve been looking at some similar cases. I’ve got a 970 that’s still running great too.
  3. Decided I wanted to play around with a bunch of junk parts I had lying around. Boredom.....lol. Made the test bench out of an old case. just an old 775 motherboard in it now, but I definitely need a good power supply whenever they get reasonable again.
  4. Diypc case 38$ I5 2500 23$ MSI gtx 970 70$ evga 650w psu 49$ Apevia rgb 4x fans and controller 35$ pny 120 ssd 20$ asus h61 board and 8 gb crucial ram 30$ also has two HDD that I had already. Total was around 275ish. Not ideal parts, could have done better with some patience, but really happy with the performance. Daughter loves it because we can play games together much better now.
  5. What would be the best configuration with my current setup. Currently have bottom 3 fans as intake, and the side, and rear as exhaust. Waiting on 212 to arrive. I7-8700k and gtx 1060.