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  1. its not just one game im downloading two games of 50gb and my internet SUCKS , i guess ill leave it on befour i go to bed
  2. nothing will happen if i leave it on for 2 more days ?? im so broke rightnow because of covid, and i can't affored to damage it
  3. so my pc right now is on for 27hours and i havn't turned it off , the reason is im downloading a game and i still have more hours to go (maybe even a day) my tempuratures are fine , gpu is 39-40-41 and my cpu is 50 -48, psu doesn't seem hot , is it okey ? and how long can i leave it on ?
  4. i have none , changed psu like 2 months ago , bought some games and willing to get a decent case befour getting an ssd
  5. hdd sadly, but i dont think its an hdd problem i ran some tests and its fine 0 errors, i presonally think its windows cuz i fucked up some settings and i dont remember them and it probably caused it
  6. i used to turn off my pc normally like i click turn off wait a lil screen gets black , fans goes down slowly then turn off and when i turn it on its perfectly normal EXPECT when i finish playing games for a long timeeee then i turn it off i click turn off then it displayes turnning off and suddenly screen gets black and fans STOPS without slowing down and when i turn on the pc later or the day after it it starts windows then asks to verify disk C and it verifies it and its perfect but now its making me worry even when i dont play games and i turn it off fans dont slow down and asks to v
  7. you sure ?? it says boost clock is 1354 , won't make sense if it boosts to 1780.
  8. it reachs 1758 when it should be just 1354 and im worried that its gonna kill my gpu .
  9. so i have a gtx 1050 2gb and it should be just 1354 boost clock but when i play a game my core clock is 1750to1790 and its making me worry even tho i didn't OC it at all
  10. i have a cooler master 3.1 lite , it came with the fan not working and i couldn't return it because it its one of their policiys i guess im also 19 bartholomewo
  11. its a gaming case you dummy , the case fan somehow doesn't work anymore