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  1. Hi guys, i got this really weird connection problem with our 2 pc. Let me explain, let's name them pc1 and pc2 when pc1 and pc2 uses the internet connection at the same time. Pc1 is slowing down but pc2 is fine as usual. So what im doing is disabling pc2 lan connection. Then pc1 is back with stable and fast connection. I tried interchanging system unit, changed switch hub, changed lan cable. Still not working. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you
  2. I fixed the issue by disabling the driver signature and update all the drivers. So far, no BSOD occurred again. Thanks
  3. What do you mean by how? Sorry im quite noob on this. But i guess i solved the issue by disabling driver signature. But i will still observe the pc from the time being. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Badly needed your help. Any suggestion what might caused the problem. Already uninstalled latest update and perform system restore. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, We're having a big problem with our Sophos AV right now. It started having some issues after a big update with the software and now every time we open any apps on Windows its prompting an error, "C:\Windows\system32\SophosAV\SOPHOS~1.DLL is ether not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error." I already searched from their forum and support section and they come up with the solution to update Windows or specifically install KB4474419 and KB4490628. But the problem is i can't install both. It says, "The update is not compatible to your computer" even if
  6. Thanks guys. That's why im not seeing a single thread or solution on google. Stay safe peeps
  7. Im sorry i didn't realized it was not specified. My mobo is Gigabyte B450M-DS3H
  8. Hi guys, Pretty noob question but, does this motherboard has bluetooth on it? Yes i read the manual it says it has. But i cant find it in device manager. I wanted to connect my wireless earbuds into my pc. Any help or advice would be huge deal for me. Thanks
  9. Yes, I decided to use the remote instead. Thanks for the help guys, kinda sucks that i can't utilize the rgb sync.
  10. Yes, i already read the manual. My issue is im not quite sure where to plug the said connectors. I will attached a picture of it for you to check. Thanks P.S. i tried leaving these connectors not connected and let the rgb fans into the psu. And they are working just fine. But what im trying to do is if i can control the lights from the app not by the remote. Hence, the questions with the connectors.
  11. Hi guys, a newbie pc builder here, im having some trouble setting up the Dark Flash DR12 Pro 3in1 Fans with controller. I already plugged all the fans to the hub and connect the hub to the psu. My problem is where to plug the other end of it to the mobo. It has 1 cable but has 2 connectors. 1 is a 3pin connector and the other is sort of a 3pin connector but instead a 4 header and a ground in between. I hope you get what i mean. MOBO: Gigabyte B450M-DS3H FANS: Dark flash Dr12 pro