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  1. I am currently looking into it not sure how this whole Rma thing works since I never done it before.
  2. Good point but at the moment I don't have one handy. Oh well back to saving to buy a motherboard I suppose.
  3. yes I have tried CMOS clear and sigh because I am from Malaysia they import fees were crazy to buy it not sure if I could ask for local Rma
  4. Do you think the motherboard is broken since I bought it used from BNH photos
  5. Omg how did I over look that. I thought I check but I just looked in my menu and I was so wrong. well gonna give it a shot now. Thanks
  6. So I have recently upgraded to Ryzen 9 5950x along with that I got a MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFI motherboard however when I installed the CPU and attempted to boot it didn't post and I tried to move all the 2 sticks of ram I got which total up to 16GB total. They are Trident G-Skill RGB memory btw. To the two ram slots furthers away from the CPU socket and it seems to post and detect all 16 GB however if there was even one stick of ram on the other RAM channel side the system wont post it will just stay according to the mother board debug led stuck at the Dram light. I also tried to use the
  7. Some old laptops have socketed cpus altho its is uncomon to see one anymore
  8. Well I actually agree but I am helping a friend to upgrade his old pc. I did tell him to just save the money up but he reasons it been with him for 6 six years now and he feels bad getting rid of it even doe its a potato at literally everything. Thanks for your help anyways this will be of huge help.
  9. So I have been looking every where for a CPU support list somewhere for this persario cq42 notebook pc that runs a AMD 785GX chipset but to no results. can anyone please help me see if I can upgrade this laptop and what is the highest CPU I can go thanks for any help in advance I really appreciate it .
  10. In that case I think I would order several chips and do die shots on them to see if much differs but not much or at all should change in theory. Thanks for your input as always
  11. Interesting, so what you are saying is the might be the same in terms of architecture but how the are connected might differ from chip to chip and the only way I could really know is to do two different die shots. Well I wont say no to more die shots so I think I know what to do next. Thanks for your help