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  1. Hi i need a little help writing a python program for a tcp server that allowed multiple client to connect and if one client sends a message to the server it will route that message to all connected clients also i can't figure out if there is a way to open lots of ports so that i wont be stuck only using one port if it possible can we open all ports i do not know programing so i have been at this issue for like weeks now Thank you anyone in advance that can help me you all are my only last hope at getting this project done.
  2. I just checked but it seems like your mother board isn't compatible with this CPU unfortunally https://pangoly.com/en/review/msi-x470-gaming-plus-max/compatibility/cpu this is the list i looked at man i just feel bad for you but then you can use this as an excuse to get a better mother new mother board if you know what i mean
  3. Alright hopefully it works also remember do not power off your pc mid flash this can kill the board better if you can plug into ups
  4. I am not sure but i think you will need to go to your bios to flash your bios and i don't think you can do it into windows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze4Dg11W3hU see this YouTube video hopefully this help's you :)
  5. the one thing that is confusing is when i look at YouTube videos online the never show i needed to set any interface
  6. here is the interface to setup port forwarding which i don quite understand
  7. yes i have found the setting in my router however i do not know how to set it up as it my first time thank you so much for helping me though this i have too much time on it as for security concern i am renting the pc out so i don't quite have much concern about that but thank you for warning me anyways
  8. hi i am jack i am just starting to explore the server world and i am not sure how to port forward as i am required to port forward a range of pots for promox however i am unsure how to d that in my router i am working for fluidstack to rent my pc and their instructions are unclear as hell https://www.notion.so/FluidStack-Virtual-Desktop-Program-2-0-b0df1e7b71c5431185d2cf2d4d956b11 here is the link to their instructions hopefully you can help me figure out what on earth they are trying to say thank you in advance
  9. hi i have just recently got my hands on a intel core i7-7700k cpu however when i go put.it into my pc that has a asus h11dm-d it does allow me to overclock i tried bumping the multiplier more then 44 but it just keep bring it down then i try xtu and its the same it doesnt overclock can anyone help me out with this issue please
  10. hi i was wondering if a nano station M5 is capable of monitor mode and packet injection
  11. hi i have bought nano station m5 and i am trying to get it setup but however it would only see 5ghz wifi only is there a way to fix it