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  1. the one thing that is confusing is when i look at YouTube videos online the never show i needed to set any interface
  2. here is the interface to setup port forwarding which i don quite understand
  3. yes i have found the setting in my router however i do not know how to set it up as it my first time thank you so much for helping me though this i have too much time on it as for security concern i am renting the pc out so i don't quite have much concern about that but thank you for warning me anyways
  4. hi i am jack i am just starting to explore the server world and i am not sure how to port forward as i am required to port forward a range of pots for promox however i am unsure how to d that in my router i am working for fluidstack to rent my pc and their instructions are unclear as hell https://www.notion.so/FluidStack-Virtual-Desktop-Program-2-0-b0df1e7b71c5431185d2cf2d4d956b11 here is the link to their instructions hopefully you can help me figure out what on earth they are trying to say thank you in advance
  5. hi i have just recently got my hands on a intel core i7-7700k cpu however when i go put.it into my pc that has a asus h11dm-d it does allow me to overclock i tried bumping the multiplier more then 44 but it just keep bring it down then i try xtu and its the same it doesnt overclock can anyone help me out with this issue please
  6. hi i was wondering if a nano station M5 is capable of monitor mode and packet injection
  7. hi i have bought nano station m5 and i am trying to get it setup but however it would only see 5ghz wifi only is there a way to fix it
  8. any dependency that thing like aircrack-ng needed but it dint work for any other thing i tried installin
  9. hi i bought a dual band d-link AC1300 wireless adapter but i was not able to use it in kali-linux due to no drivers but i do not know how to update drivers
  10. I been trying to get some dependencies install on my kali linux but every time I tried to apt-get install it always fails is there a setting I need to change or what should I do
  11. i am just wondering if it was possible to unlock a cpu so we can overclock it thanks Linus forum group