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    CatCloud got a reaction from Video Beagle in MMORPG Recomendations?   
    Wait... Why not Divinity: Original sin 2? Its not mmo, but it's a very good story driven game with 4 man Co op, tactical rpg, very reminiscing of a pnp rpg game. In fact it has a DM mode If you want some juicy dungeon and dragon experience. 
    Charming music, good voice acting, fun humour And totally worth replaying. 
    Also has mod support if you want to add more stuff for that second go.p
    My experience with Destiny 2:
    There was a story but I have no clue what happened after they came over to steam. 
    I never finished the story I followed before and last time I played I didn't even start where I left off, nor an indication on where to go next. All I saw was a bunch of random events on the map. 
    My experience with Fallout 76:
    The story is not as engaging as the older games, in fact it's mostly random audio logs here and there telling you to do something. 
    The new update/expansion added npc that isn't just some robot. These makes thing more interesting but they are few. 
    The game has open world pvp so someone can just shoot you if they so wish, but you can see them on the world map. 
    Also, alot of bugs... Still. This game I swear... 
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    CatCloud reacted to fpo in MMORPG Recomendations?   
    Theres a hidden story. It’s not as blunt as a movie would tell a story. There is hidden backstory but it’s not like a deep lore. 
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    CatCloud reacted to SkilledRebuilds in Is law of attraction real   
    Humans persue High Quality Genetics (subconcious)
    #NotAllHumans care,.... but I tend to think we see curves, muscles, good skin, nice hair and general "put togetherness" that we find attractive as an opposite or same sex appeal.
    Materialism, we like certain designs over others... but its quite personal... IMO.
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    CatCloud got a reaction from Video Beagle in MMORPG Recomendations?   
    Well there is the Diablo series by Blizzard and that sort of top down game, like Torchlight 2 and Titan Quest
    Ooooor, for something more, Grim dark... there is Grim Dawn, the multiplayer is a bit finicky with some routers. Otherwise Warhammer 40k Martyr. Sadly you dont play as a Space marine or Ork.
    Some would say Path of Exile but i wouldn't recommend it unless you have experience with Diablo like RPG games before, played PnP Rpg or you want PTSD, also has a somewhat weak story.

    More towards the "normal" MMORPG direction... there are few i can remember, but they are your typical half naked bikini armor Korean nonsense games with a cheesy story. There combat is fun though: there is TERA and Blade and soul...i guess i could mention Black desert online BUT it has open world PvP after level...45? but it has alot of cool little features few other games have like farming, player driven market, deep crafting and trading stuff (caravan and such). 

    Vindictus is one, its old so im not sure how it is these days but i played the shit out of it, its not Open world though. 

    There is also Archage...but last i remember there was Pay to Win cash shop nonsense, they made a no cash shop version called Archage Unchained but people dont seem to like it..not sure why. some similar features to Black Desert online but its not as deep, still something. Housing and more advance/bigger farming is locked behind a Subscription sadly and the two big selling points is you can cruise around on ships, and glide around on a "kite"... Also has some PvP elements, similar to World of Warcraft with the multi faction thing going on. Two sides are at war, and also there is the Criminal Faction you can join, very PvP focused.

    There is also Shroud of the Avatar, this one im not sure if i would call it Action MMORPG or just the usually but it has its charm, no classes either but it dosnt hurt to specialize because it takes time to get stronger.

    Non of theses game are Subscription depended but some unlock benefits that might be worth looking at if you plan on sticking around for awhile.
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    CatCloud reacted to keik in MMORPG Recomendations?   
    Following this thread because got same problem as OP.

    I've logged into EVE online yesterday, and boy, I want to like that game but it's against casual play, and it shows. Free state, where you get like 7-12% of the game content is enough to pwn some space pirates or probe anomalies, and mine-recycle some resources. With friends, it's really fun tittle.
    Mentioned PSO2 may be good option, especially for 4 players. Played a lot PSO on DC and PSOBB on PC, grind but with cool areas and good for leisure/casual/talk at the times.
    Black desert Online is a lot like Monster Hunter with hellish end game as people say, and there's free trial too for BDO.

    Not MMORPG per se but... maybe Factorio? Stranded on a alien planet, player need to reinvent technolgies, to fly back home. You'd need to set a server or rent one to host game (those are cheap usualy). There is free demo and there are plenty fo great community mods changing base game as well.
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    CatCloud got a reaction from Kawaii Koneko in PS5 console and controller, headset and camera   
    Never said otherwise, just pointed out some good games, "cartoony" or not, that probably won't be or might some year later be pc ported. 
    Well, many are not good. They haven't exactly evolved well, most are the same visually and gameplay wise as those back on ps3. It's hard to find hidden gems like Valkyrie Chronicles among the pile of copy pasta. I know people are getting wet over blue protocol and.. Uh.. Something blue harem nonsense the game.
    One can hope though, till then demon souls will be my "cartoony" anime game. 

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    CatCloud reacted to atxcyclist in Anyone on the Fallout 76 beta, have any insight into hardware?   
    I've got a little over 30 hours into the game so far, and I can make a few observations beyond the first few hours I had in it when I made my previous post:
    - I've still not had any serious texture, geometry, weapon, or physics problems that broke the game. There are some typical "Bethesda-isms" with a floating item or a quest marker that isn't quite in the place you need it to be, but these have been few and far-between.
    - The game runs choppy occasionally. My guess is network as it's more prominent when I'm in the vicinity of other players. 
    - Servers disconnect randomly sometimes, so far I've not lost any save data that I've noticed. I want this to be fixed as it breaks the heck out of gameplay, and if you're with a group it's quite a PITA to regroup.
    The game is entertaining to me at least, but it's a bit dull as a single-player experience. The best part of the game is the potential for interacting with other players, and right now there's hardly more than a dozen players on any server I get connected to. Jumping from terminal to terminal does get a bit monotonous, but if Bethesda can iron-out some of the issues then maybe the game will get some popularity and more players.
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    CatCloud reacted to trufret in IS VR Worth It?   
    Best analogy I've been able to come up with to describe the difference between VR and a monitor.
    A monitor (or 3) is like looking at a forest through a window in your house with 1 eye closed.
    There is no real depth perception for objects
    The image is very clear
    you can pick out fine details
    it's obviously just a window into another world as you still see your room and furniture while looking out the window
    no matter how hard to try to enter the world you always hit the glass
    VR is like leaving your house and going for a walk in the forest with a mosquito net on your head.
    The world looks a little blurry
    you can see the lines of the netting
    you are in the world and it's everywhere you look.
    you can perceive and judge the size and distance to objects just like you can in the real world
    With time, the VR HMDs and GPUs will get better and the blurriness and screen door will be reduced to a point where you won't notice them.
    With a monitor, no matter how high the resolution or how high the frame rate you are only ever gong to be looking through a window into a world you can never get to.
    There are many games where VR is a novelty. Playing a boardgame in a virtual room can be a neat experience but it's secondary to playing the actual boardgame. 
    There are other games like the simulation type games I've mentioned as well as other first person perspective games like Onward, Budget cuts, Talos etc.. where it changes the experience in very visceral and undeniable ways.
    You kind of have to look at any given game and decide, Would this game be a lot better if I was were in that world instead of just looking at it?
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    CatCloud got a reaction from rentaspoon in Was Derek Smart right?   
    Corwin111 pretty much covered it.
    As for Derek "Smart" he is a loudmouth, dont waste your time with him. Trust me, i did my homework back then.
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    CatCloud reacted to Praesi in Which Game should I buy for my new pc?   
    Wildlands is nothing like FarCry.
    With the right settings, its a very challenging tactic 3rd Person Shooter, which FarCry is not.
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    CatCloud reacted to Elite14 in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    have you seen wolf children? great movie also has a good dub if you like dubs
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    CatCloud reacted to Corwin111 in Was Derek Smart right?   
    Well can you be a bit more specific? Was he right bout what exactly?
    Was he right about his initial claim during his first falling out with Chris Roberts, that Star Citizen will never be anything more than the hangar module and a bunch of pretty videos? Well no, I guess he wasn't.
    Was he right about it all being a complete scam, designed only to take our money and go buy an island somewhere? Eeeeh, I suppose that would make them the stupidest scammers in history, because they've been spending all that money into making a game instead. Their tax returns are publicly accessible.
    Was he right when he said  that 2.0 is "nothing but a tech demo video" and we would never be able to do anything but dogfoghting in arena commander? I guess he was wrong on that one too.
    Was he right 2 years ago when he said they are completely out of money and he has it "on good authority" that they will be filing for bankrupcy within a month? No, I suppose he miscalculated that one a teeny bit too.
    Was he right about procedurally generated real-size planets not being a viable concept and that they would never be able to make anything like that? Eh... no.
    Was he right about... dammit to hell... let me think really really hard.... Oh I HAVE IT! Was he right about Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner being married and keeping it semi-secret in order to avoid controversy? YES hell fekin' YES!!! He was RIGHT! He was right about that, guys! Those sneaky bastards! Last time I was so disturbed was during episode 1482 of "As the world turns"! 
    In all seriousness, tho. Star Citizen has development problems. It is an extremely ambitious project. They have had to readjust the scale of it several times, from the initial 2 million dollar stretch goal. Have they bitten more than they can chew? It's still possible, I don't believe so myself, but I admit that it remains to be seen.
    That said, don't make the mistake of paying much attention to Derek Smart. The man has mental problems. He is salty that his own game "Line of Defense" did not receive the same backing and has been in perpetual development longer than Star Citizen. Jealousy over this drove the man to spend unhealthy amounts of his time stalking the Star Citizen project, instead of pursuing his own. It is a sad story. I don't really want to hate on him too much, I rather feel pity for the man.
    Anywhoo, OP I noticed you mentioned that you have played the Star Citizen alpha. So I take it you know what it offers. Not much yet, admittedly. But let me leave you with some footage from Derek Smart's game 'Line Of Defense' which, by his own claim, is being "ripped off" by Star Citizen. Maybe you'll enjoy playing it. It's still in early access. ;-p
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    CatCloud got a reaction from yathis in How On Earth Does The Linus Keep Up With Forum Notifications?   
    They don't. Most are probably spam or something silly so I'm sure they get ignored.
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    CatCloud reacted to Sakkura in The first Eye tracker for the Vive is here... Meet aGlass   
    Foveated rendering is interesting, but it's more useful for future VR headsets with higher resolution. The current headsets are not THAT difficult to run, so the added cost of the eye tracking isn't really worth the reduction in PC system requirements it can offer. Paying $220 and wearing a more bulky headset, so you can save $100 on your graphics card? Not the greatest tradeoff...
    But I'm still happy to see this, because it may help pave the way for eye tracking and foveated rendering in later VR headsets and software, where it will really matter.
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    CatCloud reacted to colonel_mortis in Copying reddit   
    Depending on your browser, you can click the quote header or the move handle that appears when you hover over it, then backspace/delete/ctrl+c/etc, and it should work as expected.
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    CatCloud reacted to rucdoc in Summary Plz?   
    Is it all on one server? the persistant universe will be yes
    Is there even multiplayer? yup, they are also working on possible co-op for squadron 42
    What is starter pack for the game? AKA cheapest ship thing 45 dollars for the aurora, and the mustang
    When will it be out? The alpha is out now, the next major update is about 2 months away, the Full release will be out when it's ready
    Is there anything I can play right now? Yup, the pu test, arena commander (star ship combat pvp and pve), and Star Marine (pvp first person combat)
    Are the planets randomly generated? no, they are using some procedural tech to generate much of the surface and artist directed
    Will my 980ti and 6800K be able to play 60FPS+? after they do a bunch of optimization, sure
    Will there be VR support? yup
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    CatCloud got a reaction from ARikozuM in The first Eye tracker for the Vive is here... Meet aGlass   
    What games? the 90% shitshow ones? or the 10% not garbage games?
    This thing wont split anything, its optional, and its up to the devs to integrate it if they want too. If a consumer buys this and fully expect it to work with a game that doesnt support it native then its 100% the consumers fault for being stupid and not checking before hand, or even ask if there will be.

    Honestly its not bad either, this might not sell well, but the tech itself has value for the future iteration of headsets.
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    CatCloud reacted to saladcrack in Used 3DS question   
    Not an expert on Nintendo or the 3DS but I'd assume the games are linked to whatever account is there.  Similar to an Xbox or Playstation account where you can only play the downloaded games if the account is logged in on that console.
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    CatCloud reacted to Belgarionbg in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I had decided to ignore Youjo Senki but today I gave it a chance. And I love it, so crazy. :3

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    CatCloud reacted to Archeval in What is star citizen   
    Duke Nukem Forever wasn't a bad game, it stuck to the core of what a Duke Nukem game was it's just that thematically the ship has sailed past what made the original Duke Nukem entertaining (persona, humor, pop-culture references, etc) because they waited too long to the point to that everyone who would have cared about it moved on to other things.
    1) Elite is not a comparable game because it's only a space sim with rovers whereas star citizen is going to be 4 games in 1 (arena commander, star marine, PU, Squadron 42) each one needing the same solid foundation to work on (hence why their moving to Amazon Lumberyard because Crytek doesn't exist anymore) and work with each other to make a seamless experience.
    2) A game of this type has not been done before, and the general turn around for MMO type games is almost always more than 5 years, and they only have one game mode and to dispel any confusion this is an MMO because people assume MMO = MMORPG this game in an acronym would be MMOFPSSSRPG (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter Space Sim Role Playing Game)
    3) To further press the point, they got a fraction of the money because they made a fraction of a game, upon release they had ships and some basic missions to do but the most accurate description at the time was "vast but shallow" (i know this because i was a beta backer). meaning that there were a great many places to go but not a lot to do, and to make a good amount of money you had to be a trader. I would hardly say the game was complete.
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    CatCloud reacted to rucdoc in What is star citizen   
    you do understand that all of the youtube stuff, around the verse, the lore videos, bugsmashers, and the live streams on friday are all paid for by subscribers and not from the development fund right?
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    CatCloud reacted to rentaspoon in What is star citizen   
    Clearly your a fanboy that's sunk to much cash in to the game.
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    CatCloud reacted to dizmo in What happened to Halo?   
    I think you might be in a bit of a minority. I love Halo 5. Play it quite often. True, the last few weren't that great, but this one brought it back to what I think is as close to the Halo 2/3 prime. At least they didn't include wall running...
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    CatCloud reacted to BashZeStampeedo in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    YMMV of course, but here are the ones I recall off the top of my head:
    Serial Experiments Lain
    Ergo Proxy
    Battle Angel
    Bubblegum Crisis
    Silent Mobius
    Heat Guy J
    Gunslinger Girl
    Mardock Scramble
    There's also a ton of GiTS (if you haven't watched the entire franchise yet then you might as well), and I suppose Psycho Pass qualifies as cyberpunk (but calling it "good" is a stretch, even just considering season one).
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    CatCloud reacted to LAwLz in HTC Vive Wireless accessory   
    15ms is very, very good. It should be fine. Remember, most game engines adds like 100ms by themselves, a 60Hz monitor will always have at least 16ms latency, and humans have a built in delay of tens of ms (not talking about reaction time).
    A few blind tests by LTT would be good though when this is released. Have like 10 people try and guess if it is wireless or wired by putting on the vive and looking around (while they sit down).