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  1. Oh Understood then i wont change my MS account Thanks bro
  2. Yea i'm satisfied Thanks for the help bro
  3. I don't see any threats for now in my windows 10 defender, But i don't feel comfortable as I've found some earlier. I'm thinking for formatting the drive and changing the Microsoft account. Does this method work? If any suggestions please don't mind suggesting me. Thank you
  4. Oh, I've Got a new stick of ram and now the pc boots but only without the GPU installed, When i install the GPU back (with new ram) and then it doesn't boot. My motherboard is having only one pcie slots so i'll try with may be my friend's GPU. Thanks mate.
  5. Oh got it, My motherboard is having only one pcie slots so i'll try with may be my friend's GPU. Thanks a lot mate
  6. Oh sure, Motherboard: Intel DH77KC CPU : Intel core i5 3330 (with integrated graphics) PSU: from my local dealer 250w GPU: Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card. I've never updated Motherboard BIOS,I think there isnt any update since its release (2012) Thank You.
  7. Hey guys Can anyone help me with this - While im using my PC (not a laptop) it switched off. When I tried to boot, its not. So i've removed the graphics card and now there was a ram issue with 3 beeps, i've got new ram replaced and it started to work, but when I insert gpu it isnt booting. What may be the reason?
  8. I want to post a website and decided to host it myself, I'm okay with the server hardware config purchase and static connection from ISP. But i couldn'd find a way to the entire process of setting up firewall, router and configure it up from linux and after installing apache2. Hoping for help. Thanks.