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    ROG Maximus Hero XII Wifi
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    2x8 GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal 4266MHz(19-19-19-39) > OC 4400MHz(16-16-16-36)
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    ROG Strix RTX 3090 O24G
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    Corsair Crystal 460X
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    1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus
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    ROG Thor 1200W
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    Noctua NH D-15 Chromax Black
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    Steelseries Apex Pro
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    ROG Gladius II
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    Audeze Mobius
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    Window 10 Home
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    My Phone work as good as a Laptop and alot smaller
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    Samsung S20+ Cosmic Grey

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  1. Hi, I'm currently using USB wifi adapter (Tp Link T9UH) to connect with my router ( Tp Link Archer C4000). The router is on the second floor about 30 meter away the connection was pretty decent and stable but sometime it was very terrible i test using cmd to ping google (when it happen) there are alot of lost and latency spike every few second it happen like this sometime for hours or day (worst case days) and I can't figure out what cause the problem. I was thinking if I change my USB wifi to a PCIE adapter would the connection be more stable? (gaming low latency!!) Would this be
  2. Hey, Thx for you wisdom. I check the Nvidia Control Panel it show as 144hz. I think in not a CPU problem thou the game i mention was Genshin Impact hardly using and resource at all. After I encounter the problem i try other game too WD Legion / AC Valhala / Cyberpunk 2077 turn out nothing wrong with other game, so i think it now a hardware problem it the game itself (still can't fix it thou) such a shame the game look alot better with HDR on Thank you
  3. Hi, I turn on the HDR setting in windows advance display setting and my game look laggy. I use my OSD to monitor the FPS i said it is running at 60 frame but the picture doesn't look like 60 (look more like around 45) so I try turn off HDR and it look smoother. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this problem and if possible how can i fix it? Thank You
  4. Hi, guys i bought my PSU and they gave me 2 of these gpu cable (picture), I was wondering can i use this with a gpu which require 3 8 pin connector? will it be enough to power them?
  5. Hi, im trying to find a back up stroage for my window (just to keep to file not booting with it). I search through my stuff and i found a empty micro SSD 128 GB, i was wondering could i clone my window on to it as a backup i mean just keeping the file im not gonna try booting window on it. Thank for your reply
  6. Hi there the new rtx30 series is coming and i was wondering what the different between Strix card and TUFcard i try to look in their spec sheet and they are identical anyone care to teel me the different?
  7. Tell you the truth I was using my friend wifi (just happen to know his password) so i could not use the extender or such i could fix this from my end
  8. Some Smart Phone have build in DAC they sound really good you could look into one to use with you laptop
  9. Yes I understand that in my case before i was using the wifi card that come with my MB on a same location I could even see the wifi signal from the router but after i connect the T9UH i could see and connect to the router i was wondering is there anything better then this i could change to?
  10. Hey TY for ur reply i kind want to fix the from on my PC's end not the router or mesh wifi etc. any though on that?
  11. Hi, im currently using Tp link T9UH to connect my wifi from long range. The product is great i was able to get wifi signal that my pc couldnot even see the router before, but smt time ping is very high (happen alot whwn it is rainning) i was wondering is there are any better product to help my PC get beter range and Higher, more stable connection? Thank you :) P.S. I want to fix this problem from my PC's end not the router
  12. Thank you everyone for ur advice. Your though really help me make my decision and may the Force be with you all :)
  13. :) Thank you, I do love lazy writing too and thank you ur advice too it really help me make up my mind, I think I'll gonna go for the Hero coz the feature it provide would suit me more then the Apex
  14. If the Hero could do the job I would consider buying the Hero