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  1. ok thanks bro, if i need anything ill reply back
  2. My stepdad has a Microsoft surface pro 4 and hes gonna buy it off of his work because he wants to keep it and they are gonna stop using them, but he wants to reinstall windows so it will be fresh bc he has some dumb administration mode on it from his work that won't even let him create a restore point or open like anything so how would I delete windows on that and reinstall it? if anyone can help pls comment.
  3. I connected my phone with a usb adapter, and the wifi worked because it was using my phone wifi, but when I use my laptop to connect it comes up with a error
  4. So I'm trying to connect to my Wi-Fi network, and everytime i try to connect to it, a error pops up saying that it was unable to connect to my Wi-Fi network, I've tried forgetting my network, restarting my laptop, updating windows, and reinstalling my drivers, and nothing seems to work, does anyone have a fix?
  5. when i open apex up an error pops up saying: --------------------------- Apex Crash - Out of Memory --------------------------- Apex crashed because it ran out of memory. The most common causes of this are: • "Texture Streaming Budget" is too high in your video settings. Lowering this can help. • All other programs plus Apex combine to use too much memory. Quitting other programs can help. • Your Windows page file is set too small. Increasing the page file size can help. (The page file lets Windows move less important memory to disk until it's needed again.)
  6. so I want to OC my I5 2400, but the only problem is that my Motherboard does not support overclocking, so my question to you guys is if there is a different way to OC my CPU, any answers are helpful, thanks
  7. Im planning on upgrading in september, my specs that I have rn are, GPU:RX 570 CPU:I5 2400 Motherboard: DQ67SW RAM:8gb ddr3 1333mhz Case:rosewill srm-01b-450 micro atx case, PSU: 450W rosewill psu
  8. I am currently working a summer job and at the end of the summer I will be allowed to spend $500(CAD), I'm looking to upgrade my cpu,motherboard,and ram, I need your help to find the best cpu,motherboard,and ram combo for under $500(CAD), I would prefer canadian links because I live in canada, and a micro atx board, thanks
  9. i got a new pc a little while ago and i noticed that my pc is making a noise when i plug my headset into my pc, i have my mic cable plugged into the front of my pc, i reinstalled my audio drivers and it didnt help, i used my mic on my old pc and it had no problems, everything worked fine, i attached a recording of me tapping my mic and then muting my mic, you can clearly hear that there is a sound in the background, i would appreciate it if anyone can help me solve this problem, thanks.Recording (11).m4a
  10. im using the stock cooler with the bronze back
  11. its really hot now and its about 30c in my room and i have no ac, when i game on my i5 2400 the temps go up to 90c, i am using a small rosewill case with only one fan and my case side panel is open, if i wanna keep it under 80c while gaming i have to take my actual big fan and put it up against my pc lmao, i just wanna know if its ok that my i5 2400 is at 90 while gaming and while my room is 30c