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  1. Only Paint 3d new install doesnt fix anything temp are both below (gpu cpu) 50C on both machines
  2. Crashing on two different computers. specs 3080 5900x and I5 1050
  3. I use Paint 3D To make my thumbnails for YouTube and now its crashing even under reinstall and not saving progress. It will say something like something has forced this app to close we'll be right on that. And if I drag it to the right of my screen for split screen it causes all my monitors to turn off for a couple seconds and then turn back on but with paint 3d closed with the same error. Lastly the UI for Paint 3D has been having visual glitches like turning everything very white and only making it less white when the mouse hovers over a button.
  4. A lot of machines limit their computers from running non specific ram. This is to stop people buying underspeced machines and upgrading them. The website may recommend a certain type of ram or they won't more likely and will tell you to upgrade the whole laptop ( A new ThinkPad of course ) This is not necessarily the case but generally if the ram fits into a slot it will work in the average use-case.
  5. New Motherboards no longer support usb for windows 7 unfortunately. The reason some people continue to use windows 7 is the same reason it still works for them; they don't know how to upgrade there motherboards so it is irrelevant. I had this same issue and if you really need Windows 7 consider buying a computer from 2010 and earlier or use a virtual machine. There are no feasible workarounds and it is quite frankly a waste of time. There is a lot of conflicting data and you will get super frustrated speaking from experience...
  6. It's Karma! Sell it with residue on still and used on EBAY. You can get a lot of money right now selling computer parts on EBAY during the chip shortage! (Don't actually)
  7. Great! this question was mainly to determine whether to upload 1080p videos to YouTube as 1440p (secondarily it was also for my own viewing) So I guess I was right for the wrong reasons? Thanks for the help!
  8. Does it need to be exactly four times the pixels to work for videos (Fours pixels are combined to form one square pixel) Or does any resolution increase still have an effect however noticeable. Does it work at all?
  9. When word too small of number and word is too short word of word is word\.... BE?
  10. Well, since the first part of your statement is wrong I guess I'll disregard the second half as well. If You have a computer with two hard drives (one of which being the boot drive) and you delete a file from your storage drive it will appear on your desktop folder (in the boot drive) in the recycling bin.
  11. Say you delete a file from disk G and it "appears" in disk D's recycling can, Is any part of that file in the new disk?
  12. If so, to the same rate as a transfer or less. If less, how much less.