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  1. Thanks, this could help.
  2. I recently bought a fan hub for my pc as i wanted all my fans to get enough power which a splitter didn't offer. But while installing it i really struggled to make it look good but i ended up finding something that looked ok by shoving the hub under my hdd which is on the back of the case and zip tieing the fan wires on the front of the case. Is there any good tutorial for managing fans (i have 6) that I could use to maybe use to improve this. Id rather it was more clean if possible. Thanks. If you're wondering. I have a cit blaze
  3. put some books under it so they push up on the shelf a little.
  4. That might be a good idea. I just get really worried about this sort of stuff. It's probably fine but that would give peace of mind
  5. I'm not 100% sure this belongs on this forum but I recently got an IKEA desk. (IKEA Fredde.) And It has an area for your pc below the desk. I have a mid tower case. Are these normally good? I really don't want it coming out and my pc falling or something. I'm probably just being way too paranoid. Thanks
  6. My friend is installing windows with his hdd unplugged so it should install to his m.2 drive. Why might this be?
  7. what about the sata cable though. It is ok to use one already powering my ssd and hdd. If it is would using this wire lower the rpms of the fans.
  8. I bought a Deepcool fh-10 fan hub as i wanted to make sure all my fans were getting enough voltage as before i was splitting the power outputed from 1 header for 4 fans. My fans are 3 pin and this it a sata powered fan hub. I have 2 questions. 1. I wan't to power 6 fans with this, will it be ok to plug it into the sata power cable already used to power my ssd and hdd or should i use another one. 2. Is there a way for me to control these 3 pin fans. I looked this up just now and it says that you can if you have a DC configured header. Idk if I do. I don't mind if they have to run 100% as im ver
  9. Am I able to plug the sata into the sata cable that already has my hdd and ssd connected or does it have to be a fresh cable
  10. Alright. Sorry. I was just a bit confused. Thanks so much
  11. I have a cable in there right now with 4 sata power cables on it. Would plugging it into one of these be enough?
  12. Sorry, let me just make sure i understand. I get a sata power cable and plug it into my psu then i plug the sata female cable that comes with the hub into one of the sata male cables then i plug that into the hub. Then i plug the other end into one of the fan headers and the other end into the hub?