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  1. Thanks, I just hope that they will be in stock soon.
  2. Sorry I mean 2021, I cant stop typing 2020.
  3. I wanted to buy a 3060ti but obviously lots of gpus are sold out right now and I was thinking, is it worth it to buy a used 1080 in 2020. As far as I know the 3060 doesn't outperform the 1080 by a really big amount and I could probably get one on ebay for £300 Thanks
  4. Thats a nice Idea, Ill have a look into it
  5. nah, I have a 1060. Not enough of an increase
  6. I wanted to buy a 3060ti but they are either sold out or cost way more than normal price. Are there any other good cards that I could get instead. The 20 cards seem to also be sold out as well and even if they were in stock they seem to cost the same price as the 3060ti. Are there any good cards (nvidia) to get and if not how long does a restock normally take.
  7. I just finished installing a new psu and I think a cable tie might have fell into it. I moved the pc a little bit (not shaking) with my hands and I think the cable tie fell out as I saw one on the floor near me after moving it. I looked it up and people said it's not conductive so its probably fine. I turned it on and its working fine but is this okay? Also the cables were quite hard to fit and It took a little force to get the back panel on. Is this okay? Thanks
  8. sorry, Im super dumb with power supplies, was just making sure. Thanks though.
  9. I have bought a new power supply (the corsair tx750m) as I want to buy a 3060ti soon and my old one wont work with it. I am going to buy the 3060ti in a few months but I have bought the power supply. The power supply comes with a atx12v pcie 8pin 4+4 cable and a PCIe 8pin 6+2 cable. As I have not got the new gpu yet im still using my old 1060 mini that has a 6 pin connector. Can I use the 6 pin part of the 6+2 pin cable or will this not work? Thanks.
  10. Britishblue


    First of all I'm really dumb when it comes to power supplies and I want to buy a corsair tx650m. Sadly they were out of stock so I was thinking of getting the 750 watt version. But how come the 750 watt version thats only £10 more is in stock? Is there something that's bad about the 750 watt version I need to know or is it fine. Sorry by the way if I sound dumb.
  11. Thanks for replying but it's just stopped. Has not done it since I wrote this
  12. It was probably my psu as i've switched it to balanced power mode and it has not done it since
  13. Britishblue

    Fan rattle

    I have previously had this issue on a different case but it stopped happening after 3 days or so but I just want to make sure. I hear a rattling noise from my pc on startup then after 3 - 5 mins it goes away. Just started today and I think it's coming from the back fan. The fans are mostly just cheap trashy case fans and the case isn't that amazing anyway. People before told me fans make noise and I should worry if they're functioning. Last time the sound slowly got less and less over the days until nothing. Should I worry about this? Thanks.