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  1. Sorry for the late reply Yeah the back only supports 12cm fans unfortunately, but the top supports 2 x 14cm
  2. So at the moment, I'm using the stock Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB (has 3 stock intake fans on the front, no exhaust), and I'm looking to get some fans to mount to the top and back as exhausts. The version with 2 x 140mm intake and 1 x 120mm exhaust was out of stock. What I'm looking to get is 2 or more fans to use as exhausts, but I don't know what the best fans for value would be. As I do already use RGB fans and I don't want to mismatch too much, I'd prefer them to have ARGB too. I have a budget of MAX £40, but I'd happily take much cheaper options if it is good value. Does anyone have any s
  3. thanks for the help guys, I completely forgot and missed the announcement of the new GPUs if i end up waiting on the GPU, should i wait on getting a new monitor too? i'd still like to get that out of the way
  4. I'm getting a new GPU (either the 2060 super or the 2070 super) and am looking for a new monitor to go along with it. I want to upgrade from my ancient 1080p 60hz TV to a 1440p 120hz OR 144hz monitor, but the market feels so flooded with options and different "features" that makes me feel like whatever decision I'm going to make will be the wrong one, so I want to avoid that. Anyone have any good monitors in mind I could buy without having to go without food for a week? I don't really have a budget, but I'd rather take compromises for a lower priced screen, and just in case a "budget" price ma
  5. Okay, thanks for the help, I'm new to everything here so I appreciate it
  6. Is there a way to check if that has been done properly? I just want to be sure about it before i do anything
  7. I'm going to upgrade all my PC parts excluding the storage soon, and I was just wondering if there's a good way I can guarantee that I won't get the annoying "Activate Windows" I've seen happen to some people after an upgrade.
  8. Alright, thanks for the clarification
  9. So I'm thinking of getting an SSD M.2 drive, and I want to move my OS installation to that drive. Is there a correct way to do this? Every way I've seen to do this just say to copy the whole of the C drive to the new device, but is there a way to move just the OS?
  10. I have 0 experience with using mousepads, hence why I'm wanting suggestions. I know nothing about what makes a mousepad "good" or what features to look for, because my whole life I've just gone without using one at all
  11. playing fps games, preferably at least 2 side buttons, but other then that not really
  12. and as for a mouse mat? there are loads of different price ranges and "features", I just don't know what to get
  13. scratch that, i have a palm grip, i got mixed up
  14. 19cm L and 12cm W I have a claw grip, but ive never tried palm
  15. I'm finally looking to replace my mouse and get my first mouse mat, but I don't know what to get. I have a budget of about £70 - £80 for both. I'd prefer a wireless mouse, and as for the mat, I have pretty much enough space for anything. I really don't care about aesthetics or anything, just trying to get the best out of my money. Any suggestions?