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  1. Previously I share my story with a cursed laptop that wont let me istall its graphic driver so just an update, the problem still not solved. But theres something that really doesnt make any sense. HW Info and MSI Afterburner reads there is three graphic card on this laptop, i dont know how this can happened is it because its old or the graphic card is failing and about to died I also tried to intall the driver using driverpack but doesnt work windows update also doesnt work too. So can anyone can explain what is happening here?
  2. yes i did replace the thermal paste, sry i didnt mention that
  3. This thing is completly cursed, it wont let me install the graphic driver First thing first my friend just got his first laptop its not a new one so theres nothing special with it its old and slow because the thermal paste is dried makes the cpu overheating also thermal throttling kick in all the time makes everything is a dizaster. But I find out the graphic driver is not installed, so i installed amd radeon software but that doenst solve the problem the amd radeon software doesnt detect the graphic card. But on HW info and gpu z, clearly there is a graphic card which is AMD RADEO
  4. Please what motherboard brand you are using and what chipset?
  5. it looks like your hard drive usage is going 100% so that slows down everything when booting up the system. You can get a ssd to make it boot faster or you can remove unecessary programs when startup
  6. you can enable xmp profile by entering the bios, but every brand have their own memory settings location 1 what motherboard you are using 2 does your processor and motherboard support 3200mhz
  7. i have tried to unpug the display connector on the motherboard and cleaning it but its still doing the same thing
  8. i just boot the pc like normally but then this happen, i dont really know what can cause this i thought its because bad connector between the board and the panel or just the panel dead. Its a pretty old pc and its a all in one pc, i cant connect it pc to a external monitor because its a all in one pc so theres no hdmi or vga output. If you know what is happened to the panel please tell me down below ty. WhatsApp_Video_2020-09-29_at_5_26.18_AM.mp4
  9. the minimum psu recomendation is 550w according to https://www.amd.com/en/products/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-5600-xt
  10. First did you take a pict of the error code on the bluescreen and search it online to find out what cause the bluescreen. Maybe your hard drive is dead, and have you tried to swap the sata cable or plugging your sata cable into a drifferent port on the motherboard. If it still doenst work try clear the cmos
  11. First this can cause by many problem such as : 1 your power switch doesnt working 2 bad connections on the hardware 3 the psu is died 4 power cable solutions 1 turn on your pc using a screwdriver by sortingg the power switch pins on the motherboar 2 unpluging everyting like keyboard mouse monitors etc. 3 swap the psu 4 swap the power cable which you already did 5 clear cmos hope that will help
  12. Dont worry as long as they have the same timing it should be fine.
  13. I usually using my dslr(Canon 750d) as a webcam. I connected it using a hdmi capture card and a dc adapter so the camera battery doesnt need to be replaced, but theres a problem the camera is always shut down by itself because its overheating and its just doesnt practical everytime i want to use it i should turn on the camera, openi obs, then start the virtual cam to make zoom can recive output from obs. so getting a webcam is a perfect solution, I dont know which brand makes good webcams so I dont know to buy which one. Please give me a webcam recommendation that can record 1080p at 30fps aro