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  1. yeah I originally shorted the pins with the CMOS battery in and had nothing. I'm thinking the mobo is dead. I am just really confused how that could have done it. I'm gonna RMA the board and grab another one from a buddy tomorrow to test and make sure it's the board.
  2. Things happened and my pc's surge suppressor got unplugged from the wall while the computer was on. After plugging it back in and booting the PC my MOBO is getting no QLED lights at all. The RGB on the board comes on, the CPU fan spins, the GPU fan starts to spin then stops, but no BIOS or post. I have tried removing m.2, switching RAM, going down to single RAM slot, resetting CMOS (removed battery, unplugged PC, and shorted the pins to clear) and I'm still getting no QLED or post. Asus Prime Pro x570 ryzen 3600 1080Ti EVGA 850w super nova any help is a
  3. at this point I just signed up for EVGA's queue and called it a day. I hope to get an email around february 2021 to buy my card in time for far cry 6
  4. That's my plan. I just threw a 3600x I got for 150$ in my system. Once they drop the prices I will try to snag a 5950x.
  5. I never owned a 3950 but I know in the higher end TR's they give you the option to disable some of the cores in BIOS specifically for gaming (I think it's called gaming mode?). I wonder why they dont give you the option to disable half the cores and drop to 8 so on CCX is operating for gaming. I also don't know much about how all that actually works so it may be out of the realm of possibility.
  6. Has there been any mention of when the NDA will lift for reviewers? I'm assuming Nov 5th?
  7. according to their website a cooling solution is only present in the 5600x (much like the 3000XTs that only included with the lowest model). link: https://www.amd.com/en/processors/ryzen
  8. I'm just mad I can't watch the event. Just going to be refreshing like crazy hoping pre orders go up and I can get one...
  9. How long was your wait for the card after signing up for the queue?
  10. I'm eyeing up that FTW3 Ultra 3090. Just signed up for the queue to get one.
  11. I had one in my target cart but by the time I was able to submit purchase it was no longer available. Granted my internet is complete garbage so the whole check out process took 10-15 minutes.