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    Ryzen 3 1200 AF
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    ASRock B450M-HDV 4.0
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    XPG 8GB 3000Mhz
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    RX 570
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    500W AeroCool VX PLUS

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  1. So I have an RX 570 GPU and for the last few months whenever I open V-Sync for some reason FPS drops down to 2. I have the latest WHQL driver, I did reinstalled the driver with DDU but that didn't help either.
  2. I bought a new monitor because mine was 1440*900 so I upgraded it to 1080p but the contrast is 1000:1 and I think it should be higher for better blacks right? Is 1000:1 is so bad or will the blacks gonna look very bad?
  3. This happens in Movie & TV app too.
  4. I recently bought Xbox Game Pass but for some reason when I take the game to fullscreen fps drops to 15. I think it's not seeing the GPU beacuse when I enable fullscreen GPU utilization drops to 5 percent or something. Game: Resident Evil 7 I dont know if i allowed to share links but here is my problem:https://youtu.be/-CGn7TAYYCQ PS:I didn't upload the video to here because it was 230 MB.
  5. For same reason it downlaoded so slow and used cpu and gpu.
  6. It took about 11 hours or something but there is no way I am dowloading this s*it again.
  7. And I also started it as administirator. Btw pause button doesn't work either.
  8. For some reason after 91GB of download it just stuck like that. I re-opened the game, restard the pc. But it's just not "decompressing" this 140kb file. Does anyone else get this error and how can I fix it.
  9. I know it says in the bottom but what does it do and why is mine lower than 55 percent.
  10. I found this in GPU-Z but couldnt find anything in the internet so what is ASIC quality.
  11. that makes sense but I set everything to default and it didn't happened since.
  12. Yes my TV does have HDMI I'll try on it too after trying with my old R7 240.
  13. Monitor is really old and it only supports VGA. I'll try another GPU I hope it's not dying or dead.