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  1. I am by no means an expert (and sorry for formatting, but I am typing on an iPad). But could it be that the error comes from the following statement: “If(Get-ADuser $UserIDTextBox.txt){”? If the user hasn’t typed anything it will evaluate to null and therefore not have an “identity” parameter. Try only executing the if-statement “$UserIDTextBox.txt” is not equal to null.
  2. If you can find a replacement board for it, that might be your best bet, unless you can somehow test the circuit from A to Z. Unless you really know what you’re doing this will be tough. If the screw short circuited some pins on the controllers they might very well be fried, so you can’t be certain it will work just by replacing some resistors, if that is what you thought.
  3. Which website do you guys use instead of https://www.userbenchmark.com ?
  4. I've only heard good things about Google TensorFlow. It has an easy API and is probably the most trained model.
  5. I believe that you should give the WiFi board and programmer common ground, if that answers your question. edit: as long as everything has common ground you should be good.
  6. Disclaimer, I am not a jQuery expert. But I think this should work. var scrollnext = $(document).width() * 0.25; $(".right_scroll").click(function(){ var scrollnext = "+=" + scrollnext.toString(); $(".proj_folder").animate({scrollLeft: scrollnext}, 500); }); AFAIK you are currently using the animate function with the string "+=scrollnext", which has nothing to do with the variable scrollnext. Let me know if this works.
  7. Thank you for the clarification. It makes a more lot sense now.
  8. Try with some simple stuff first to get a feeling for it. Like making an LED shine brighter based on the distance of an object (with an ultrasonic sensor).
  9. Could it be dependent on your expectations? If you’re used to a terribly slow laptop, it might not seem so bad with those processors?
  10. Thanks for the answers. What most of you guys are saying are basically my thoughts. I think the prices in Denmark are very comparable to the UK prices. The HP looks decent even if it's a ~25% price increase from her budget. However, I am very scared to buy anything with 4GB ram or below after watching this video: TLDW: a fresh Windows 10 installation in idle uses around 2.75GB of ram.
  11. Hey guys! Long time lurker here! Recently my mother in law asked me for advice regarding a new laptop. Her requirements are: The laptop must be new The budget is around $300 (I live in Denmark so taxes are also quite high) Must be running Windows Lifespan of at least a few years Also she doesn't mind it too much if the laptop is kinda slow (she is used to very slow laptops). She will be using it for writing (Word and Google Docs) and sometimes video-streaming. The ones I was able to find from danish retailers only had 4GB ram and s