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    Oxford, AL, USA
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Gonna build one soon.
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    Razer Turret (Combo)
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    Razer Turret (Combo)
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    Some cheap amazon headphones.
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    MacBook Air 15''
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  1. ok so my teacher just emailed me and asked what is warthog wednesday. what should i tell her?
  2. Twisted tea is a registered weapon guys. Where can i find ammo?
  3. Banned because you are part of MURICA parrot gang
  4. Banned because i never disagreed with that statement. in fact, i agree.
  5. Banned for calling it a cult classic
  6. i just realised your parrot is the bisexual flag lol

  7. Banned for thinking he thought anything was true.
  8. Hi. I was wondering if i am on an Xbox One, should i switch to Cold War? I like the Modern Warfare gameplay, but i want to try Cold War. If anyone has it, please leave a short review including the following topics: Gun balance, movement, campaign, gun/weapon customization, and would it run smoothly at 1080p on an xbox one?
  9. Banned for taking ideas from @Kanna signature.
  10. banned because i posted it at same time as him.