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  1. When will Cyberpunk be "fixed" and actually finished? I wanted to play but will probably wait a year or two, I highly recommend you watch . This game is not finished and it is really disappointing so hopefully one day it is good? Like the whole no mans sky situation
  2. Hey! So i got my first mechanical keyboard 6/7 months ago, SteelSeries apex pro from a random membrane keyboard, and it's great I love it and has no problems but I noticed it has.. coil whine? or electrical buzzing but it is very quiet and only on certain colours on full brightness, is this okay / normal ? I was thinking it could be the power delivery.. stuff in the keyboard but not sure, the coil whine does not bother me, it is quite quiet and I wear headphones anyway, only noticeable when I put my ear next to it on certain bright colours / modes.
  3. Thank you! I was worried I wouldn't be able to run it aha, epic games is having a sale, and giving everyone a coupon so I could get cyberpunk for 40 bucks instead of 50.
  4. Hey! I was thinking of purchasing CyberPunk, my system has 16Gb ram, core i7 9700k, rtx 2070 super OC and 8gb vram. I prefer to play at 1080p ultra / high / medium... Will I run it fine or nope?
  5. So I got my new pc, it's amazing 7 months ago, the exhaust and everything is fine, it's negative air pressure if that's what you call it, and basically I have no intake. My case has lots of vents at the front and I keep fans going around the room so it does get a fresh flow of air, but physically there are no intake fans, I'm wondering if they are necessary or I should invest in them in the future? My CPU idles at around 30, lowest is 25 24 in winter, with air cooling and my gpu has decent idle temps, the load temps are also good depending on what I'm playing, Apart from me regularly cleaning
  6. Yeah haha, my fans only spins when it hits 55C, thank you all for your help right now it's idling at 35c, but after gaming it cools down and remains at around 45c which i assume is perfectly normal, so thanks for your help haha
  7. So I have an asus rtx 2070 super 8gb, and it's quite cold right now, well for me anyway it's around 17 degrees, and the card is idling at around 48 and 46 degrees, I am wondering if this is normal and not a cause for concern? I only got this system months ago so this is my first high end system and just getting used to the things
  8. Haha thanks man, This is my first time having a super high end system, i got it a couple months ago because I was working hard towards my exams, but exams are cancelled due to corona!! haha, thanks for the help though you learn something new every day
  9. This might be dumb af, and I'm sorry but. So it's been hot here in the Uk for the past days, instead of 17degrees or 15degrees its around 30 right now, and I noticed my cpu idle temps instead of around 30 is now around 40, is this normal? im using all air cooling by the way so the environment affects my idle temps right? I thought i had malware or something if my pc is 10 degrees warmer. I know I don't
  10. I wont press it! I heard if i press it the bugs could just die in between the screens then it's really hard to get them out, i waited it out yesterday and they haven't appeared since
  11. I haven't seen the bugs since yesterday after gaming for atleast 7 hours, I am pretty certain they are gone! They might re appear but I am relieved to know it's not malware, i made sure to check task manager and nothing out of the ordinary, i keep everything up to date too, if it was malware im sure i would have seen it again but its been nearly 24 hours and nothing yet, i am sure they entered through the vents of my monitor and got between the layers of screen or something thats how i saw them, thank you all for your help!
  12. So i noticed it today, but here it is getting realy hot and there also are a lot of flies outside, today I noticed there are two bugs exactly like this INSIDE my monitor, should I be worried? I am 100% certain they are not malware or virus as I haven't downloaded anything or clicked anything malicious, upon researching I am pretty sure they are thunderfly bugs because there are lots of them here and it is very hot, should I leave them alone? I have read just leave them alone and they should go away, thanks.
  13. So I have an asus rtx 2070 super 8gb, and today is a "hot" day. and I've noticed the idle temps are around 50 or 51degrees, is this normal and fine?? On some colder days the idle temps are around 40 or 35 but mostly 40 plus, So I was just wondering if there is nothing to worry about.
  14. Yeah, This happened around the time i got a new keyboard, before I Was using a weird 20 dollar membrane one, now is witched to the apex pro. Its very high powered and before I made the mistake of plugging it into usb 3 so it was a bit weird, not wits plugged into usb 2, so I think the keyboard was messing with the bios, thanks for your help though, I have warranty on my computer too @Void Master
  15. So three days ago, I got a beep code from my new pc, it was one long three short and apparently this is a gpu problem, but my monitor was turned off. I powered the monitor on and the pc rebooted fine, after i was in my desktop I updates windows and stuff and reset the pc and the pc made the normal single beep code it always makes (indicating everything is fine) So for three days I have no problem and Im pretty sure it fixed itself. should I be worried? I also dusted my pc and made sure my gpu was seated properly yesterday and it has been working flawlessly, MY Gpu is an asus rtx 207