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  1. Thankyou everyone. after a mild heart attack when it wouldn’t boot. Cleared the cmos and now running at 2400mhz across the board. Not a huge improvement but until I get more higher spec ram it’s the best I can do. thanks for everyone’s input
  2. Hahah that lottery just happerned I’ll try that thankyou
  3. Thankyou, as you can see in the photo that’s what they are currently running at. just wanted to make sure.
  4. Hello, I have just upgraded some components in my pc and thought it’s high time I enabled XMP for my ram. I currently have 16gb of DDR4 2400mhz and 16gb of DDR4 3200mhz and I’m wondering what will happen if I Enable XMP. Will I run into issues and cause damage to my components or is the motherboard ( ROG Maxiumus XI Hero ) clever enough to know to set the speed of each ram automatically thankyou