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  1. I'm close to a $1000 saved just on Newegg with Honey. Haven't had any luck on it though since early Summer. But I've saved a few $$ here and there with it. Also earned Gift Cards with the points.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation I will check into them.
  3. Hey Friends! I was wondering what you guys would recommend for the best overall gaming headset? I don't really have a Budget but I don't have a problem going deep into the $$$ range. Thanks!
  4. Apparently I hate my Wallet and I want it to be empty. So anyone know when pre-orders or orders even will open for the 3090?
  5. I will check those out. Anyone else have any recommendations?
  6. Hey! I am new to flight sims and wanna know what everyone's favorite Joystick is? I have ~$300 Budget. Thanks!
  7. Had an Auto Refresher going and scored one on New Egg! Will be here tomorrow, got everything together awaiting a CPU. WOOT!
  8. Hey! I got auto notify on a few different places but haven't been able to snag a i9-10900k I was wondering if anyone knew of any reputable places that has the i9-10900k in stock for not jacked up price like they are on eBay? My ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO is lonely waiting on its CPU friend. Thanks!
  9. Ok Fixed it switched to the Superior Dark Theme and it was trash. Weird start of my looking suggestions thread.
  10. Weird Shows up black here. I know somehow mid typing it changed to light Gray.
  11. Hey! I have a budget ~$1000 may possibly be able to go higher and was wondering what y'all could recommend. Looking for a 1440p 144-165hz or 200+hz if possible? 30-35inch CURVED and compatible with Nvidas Gsync/Freesync I currently have a PG27VQ I am looking to phase out and use as like a Discord Monitor. Thanks!