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    up here or over there, you can find me anywhere
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    Programming, PCB design, graphic design, video editing, PC's, peripherals, mechanical keyboards, gaming controllers, old Trance/Eurodance music.
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  1. I bought a new gameing pc yesterday and I have my old one with both of the oc have windows 10.

    Is there anyway that I can get everything on my old PC on my new PC?

    1. minibois


      What I would recommend is copying the files you want to transfer onto an external hard drive and then plugging that hard drive into the new PC and copying the files into your new PC.


      That way you have the files on your new PC and a backup of the data too.


      I do not recommend simply copying programs from one PC to another, that usually doesn't work well (unless the program has all the data in one place and is able to detect new hardware properly).