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Status Updates posted by minibois

  1. Thanks again for the correction in that network thread.

    I always feel bad when I unintentionally share misinformation, but I am glad there are many members on this forum who are able to correct that!


    My network classes did cover some of the basic network theory, but unfortunately due to a different choice in studies my knowledge didn't cover the concepts you covered in the thread.

    Gonna have to read up on ARP, as I had heard of it, but sounds a lot more interesting than what I had expected!

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    2. minibois


      Oh I didn't perceive your reply as rude/personally offensive in any way, but that may just be because where I live, a direct response is the norm :D

      That is why I specifically have something in my signature, which says I never mean offense in my posts, it's just the way I reply to people (which to some people may be seen as too direct and/or rude) 

    3. WaggishOhio383


      @minibois I'm sure it happens to all of us from time to time. That's why there's more than one person giving advice on this forum. I've certainly given bad advice a few times before. I'm still learning myself, but I'm definitely 100 times more knowledgeable in tech now than when I joined the forum almost a year ago. Being active in this forum definitely teaches you a lot.

    4. WereCatf


      @WaggishOhio383I suppose I'm the odd duck here, since I haven't actually learned much from these forums 😅 I'm like a vacuum; I just hoard all sorts of random tech-relation information from all sources, even if the likelihood of me ever having any use for it was practically NIL, and I'm here on the forums more to dish some of it out at others and for personal entertainment than to learn or seek help myself.


      That said, yes, even I have made several dumb-dumbs here and I do not doubt at all that I will make PLENTY more in the years to come. I can be quite the bellend at times 😅

  2. image.png.5d983f292193e01564d972292fc003a1.png


    The sexiest of years


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    2. Den-Fi


      It’s a sexy as @Eschew’s is cute. 

    3. Mateyyy


      It's not that sexy.

    4. Den-Fi


      But at least you're admitting it is sexy now.


  3. D U D E

    Maxmoefoe + keyboards?!??!?!


    This combines my favorite things in the world: Pokemon, keyboards and this screaming Australian man.


  4. 🙁😔

    my monitor is having some wicked image retention (burn-in). I'm also a couple days out of warranty, couldn't deal with this because of busy life shit.

    hopefully the store - or otherwise the monitor manufacturer - will still accept the warranty.


    This is how a fully black screen currently looks:



    Little more close up on the corners:


    image.png.cb97865a24d566c6de26b2cff440222f.png image.png.3cecaa2bdca3759e2f1b3d7992d749d4.png

    *biggest sigh in the whole fucking world*





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    2. elfensky


      Just explain the situation, maybe they'll want it for their own internal research if you're lucky.

    3. minibois


      Monitor manufacturer didn't even reply, even though their website mentions I would get a within 24 hours 😢 (unless they mean 24 working hours.. In which case I need to wait until Monday/Tuesday).

    4. elfensky


      It's pretty much always working hours unless you're dealing with Amazon

  5. No one: ...

    Red's profile picture: 

  6. Dancing parrot? Mhm, alright.

    Dancing llama? Y E S .



    (source is the special badge on DeviantArt for their 20th anniversary/birthday by the way)

  7. Writer: "The sky is blue."


    Your English teacher: 



    What the writer meant: the sky was the color blue

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Asks 'what were they thinking?' proceeds to answer it with their own opinion.



  8. your profile picture is a cursed image, no offense to Linus.

  9. 51 replies already.

    Things are really starting to heat up in the watercooling fandom.


    Working on my PCB project:


    Implemented a way to either use an SMD or THT diode. Now I gotta figure out how to:

    1. properly 'label' it (the D1/D5 thing)

    2. how to get rid of the white outline on the SMD pads

    Some things are difficult to Google, when you don't know what the proper terms are.

    These '10 thing to avoid on your PCB' articles have been helping me out though.


    P.S. I identify with Ice Bear:




    P.P.S. It's kind of sad how happy I sometimes am, getting a 'heart' from YouTubers :^)

    but I do feel like it is improving the positiveness of the YouTube community.

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    2. minibois


      Sent a PM (even though there is not much of interest in the  PCB, I don't want to make it public yet).

    3. cesrai


      Are you going to etch the pcb yourself ?

    4. minibois


      Nah, not going to etch it myself.

      The price ordering these from a company is so low, it's really not even worth it making it myself

  10. FYI/PSA, LTX 2020 has been cancelled.

    RIP all the boys planning on attending 😔

    1. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      Damn, it was gonna be bigger this year, I think this will probably hurt LTX next year. I doubt things are the same next year. 

    2. Etheaary
  11. image.thumb.png.1d746ff96405071349bd97a42ecc699d.png

    Imagine getting this angry over someone else's YouTube comment.


    I apologize for you all losing humanity knowledge and wasting precious SSD memory!!!

    The meme comment I made on the LTT video yesterday didn't get this sort of negativity :^)

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    2. Lurick


      I wonder how big of an explosion their heads would make if the knew bots were spamming comments!

    3. DildorTheDecent


      >people are losing humanity knowledge

      >humanity knowledge


      You know, I think he has a point.

    4. minibois


      @Lurick Pshh! The real data hogs are those uploading 2 hour gaming livestreams 3 people watch!

      Or the bots uploading "2020 action movie tom cruise film 2017,2018,2019 must watch movie"-videos.

  12. This is how all of you will graduate this year.



    Someone please release my from this mortal dystopian plain.


  13. Saw your F@H questions here:

    Thought I should not take the thread off topic and just answer them here:

    7 minutes ago, Huntsman said:

    1. How are the points calculated? And it seems like GPU points are worth alot more than CPU.



    Simply put, F@H is folding proteins. When they (F@H) creates WU's, they benchmark these on a machine of their own and then decide how much these WU's are 'worth' (based upon how difficult/easy the WU is to complete, how long it takes, etc.)

    Then you could also get bonus points.

    7 minutes ago, Huntsman said:

    2. This thread deletes replies after badges are awarded?

    They delete (or maybe actually hide?) the replies in that thread to make it less cluttered, plus that way a moderator can just look in the thread and see who needs a badge.

    Is there is a reply? That person needs a badge. 

    Gave a person a badge? Hide/delete the reply.


    That would be my guess though.

    1. Huntsman


      Alright, much appreciated on the info!

  14. im literally cryin rn



    I spent three hours on this and I have not gotten a single step closer to being done. I also slightly damaged the earpads.





    my review so far of this process:


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    2. minibois


      @kelvinhall05 Yep, followed that tutorial. Guy explained it really well, it's just literally darn impossible

      @Pascal... that's just the thing with these velour pads, they get dirt on the inside




      I finally got one side affixed. Now only the other side. According to my kindergarten level math, that should only be another three hours.

    3. kelvinhall05


      lol gl



      Love that the ones on my 598s just pop on and off with clips.

    4. minibois


      Update: just to give a bit of closure.. I got it.

      After writing that last update I had one earpad on, after spending three hours on it. People in the house I live in were sleeping, so I was not able to use the hairdryer anymore (plus I was super tired), so I quite for that night.


      This morning I fired up the hairdryer again to attempt the other earpad. After a minute of struggling I got that one in one go..

      Something about practice.


      Then I spent about an hour fighting with the construction of the headphone, which it was not that easy to reattach. But I got it! And everything still works!

  15. This is something a lot of people have, but it's just the general anxious when posting something. Especially when you are expecting multiple people to see it, including those you're unsure if they want to see a message from you.

    For example, I ran across a little error on this forum (very insignificant), but I am unsure if it's actually an issue or not (if it's not, it would be kind of awkward). 

    Contacting people in general is kind of.. Something I don't really do.


    I like screaming into the void, talking to others is difficult.

    But to be honest, socializing and being vocal has not really been my strong point this latter half of my life.


    I am really bummed out at the current scenario of the world right now. It all sucks.

    But if I can honest for just a second, I am very bummed out that it's happening in this part of the year.

    Usually I go to a couple flea markets at this time of the year which have been - for obvious reasons - been cancelled. These flea markets are honestly my favorite part of the whole year.


    I know I am not allowed to complain about this, but I just had to get it off my shoulder.

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    2. Etheaary


      I hate corona too

    3. minibois



      Of course it's quite understandable why thrift stores and flea markets are not open.

      With thrift stores it's often an older demographics who is running the stores, so definitely a more vulnerable group. Flea markets are of course a place where people are walking dangerously close to each other.

      Part of me is just wondering if life will go back to how it ever was; or how long it will take before we don't have to be anxious about.. Everything! I mean I wouldn't mind if random handshaking stopped being a thing, but not being able to use cash money has been.. Well just something else!


      It's all understandable, but I am just generally so annoyed that I still have to do school and work as if everything is normal, when I know for sure this is all NOT

      NORMAL! All the stupid idiots trying to take advantage of the whole situation too have been annoying me.. And all the corruption around it too.

      You feel so powerless, seeing all that is wrong while not being able to do anything.

      At least this forum and YouTube have been keeping me 'sane'.




      That's a really shitty situation too.


      But I feel like this whole situation is almost trying to set people up against each other.

      Especially with the situation of 'essential workers' being called 'heroes', while they are more like 'sacrifices' towards something that the whole world should have been prepared for.

    4. kelvinhall05


      @minibois I feel sane but clearly buying a Minidox proves I am not sane

  16. image.png.5c59fc25d413aeb63f98987f4c726be5.png

    But no one ever asks 'how is a miniboi' 😔

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    2. minibois


      this is not a username, it's my title.

    3. CircleTech


      People sometimes asked "what is a cuda core" when i had my old username. In that case i had a legitimate answer.

    4. Etheaary


      @CircleTech What is a circletech?






      Wait, what is a circle?


  17. Sometimes I just need to calm myself down from all the stress and shit going on.

    Today has not been a great day, thankfully music is always there to keep me company.


    1. kelvinhall05


      I'm not even mad, this is pretty nice

    2. Meganter


      I smell a rick roll :P

    3. Br3tt96
  18. You can't just call me out like that!


    1. WikiForce


      dude, what's wrong with it?

    2. WikiForce


      are you concerned about your privacy?

    3. minibois


      3Nah, I'm kidding dude. Doesn't bother me.

      It's more that those bastards who wondered 'how I commented so early' may find my strategy... /s

  19. Your video.. It seemed familiar. 


    1. lewdicrous



  20. Me: ...

    YouTube: Hey! We thought of you and put an 8 year old rooster fighting video with 2000 views in your recommendation feed!

    Me: ... no.


    Also, PCB design is kinda difficult, but fun! Still trying to figure out a ton of stuff too.

    Doesn't help that the tutorial I followed was about 90% complete, meaning I am missing some advanced stuff, but mainly missing stuff on how to make it so I could still flash a microcontroller on a custom PCB!

    Anyways, I'll figure it out some time.


    Relevant end product of that tutorial:


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. minibois


      Looking at some more tutorials and their Q&A sections, it seems like Atmel Flip is the way to go for flashing the MCU. You do need some sort of flash device though + some pins for it on your board.

      What the pins should connect to? No idea. But maybe that is something super obvious to people more knowledgeable :P 


      This guide uses an AtMega324u as a base, as that is recommended for keyboard with a 60-80% size.

    3. DildorTheDecent


      You should just be able to flash it over USB. Maybe have a debug mode enabled to allow the flash and then disable it if you wish.

    4. minibois


      I would think having a switch go into debug or normal mode is best, but I'm just unsure what ports it needs to connected to on the microcontroller.

  21. Not sure if your named is a reference to 'French fries' in French or not, but in my mind it will always be :ph34r:

    1. Pomfrit


      Its actually based on my name in slovene...but pomfrit still means fries yeah :D but my name doesnt hahah

    2. minibois


      I knew it!

  22. Not sure what the video exactly will be, but this is a video from an amazing animation channel and they are apparently collaborating with Taran:

    Video premiere probably started already.

    Title: "Upgrading a Cheap Craigslist Computer to Make DIGITAL ART On!"

    "Thank you to Taran Van Hemert for collaborating with us,  his channel is right here,"

    1. AluminiumTech


      Interesting. Thanks man, I’ll check it out later.


      Appreciate it.

    2. minibois


      It was quite an informative video, although I do feel like most of the forum members here wouldn't find much useful info. It was a really good basic explanation on the different computer parts and how your software interacts.

      For a channel that doesn't specialize in PC's, you often expect to see flaws, but there really wasn't anything bad to speak of!


      And of course my boy Taran appeared in the video too, for some additional info

  23. Yo what are you snooping on my profile for?? ??