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  1. A friend bought "EVEREST RAMPAGE ETX-750-1" and sent me some photos. He then returned it since it did not have the advertised amount of PCIE cables (the marketing materials are laughably bad for most EVEREST products). Anyways, here are the shots: Hope this is somewhat useful.
  2. This post is about some units only found in the Turkish market. • Rampage | Everest Forza FTX / ETX these units are in low B tier but I remember them being in the A tier previously. I checked the spreadsheet and couldn't see anything about this in the changelog/notes. I checked the previous messages in this topic now and I think it's only in B tier because the fan bearing is unknown? I will confirm if I actually end up buying one, but anyways: I was looking for a high wattage PSU and rampage Forza FTX 1200W model is one of the only available options in Turke
  3. A friend in Turkey recently asked me if they should buy "GamePower GP-750 " which is a brand I've never heard of before. I think it's a Turkey specific brand of a Chinese company. I had a look at the marketing materials and it screams "these specs are fake". I suggested him something else but I'm curious if it is at least C or B tier, which would be good to know since it is VERY cheap :P Here is an internal shot I found on their website: There are some bold claims (about using japanese capacitors etc) on the marketing material, but i'm not even sure if it's DC-DC
  4. Since this PSU is going into a $600 build, I think that $20 is spent better elsewhere I checked everywhere and even the Zalman Turkey wholesale distributor does not have a listing for the PSU I mentioned. But apparently it is sold in several other European countries too, according to a comment on a random Russian website. The only other "wattgiga" branded PSU is a semi-modular one exclusive to the Korean market, different from the "wattgiga K" branding we have here. Zalman products aren't that common here either, so it's a bit bizarre we got two different versions of the same PSU
  5. The absolute cheapest B tier PSU I have access to is Zalman GigaMax GVII. Everything but the 550W version is sold out almost everywhere, which is okay since I don't have anything power hungry. However, seeing how different watt models can be placed in different tiers, I wanted to ask if it is the case with this model too. Also, there is another Zalman model named "wattgiga". I was unable to find any information about this model in the internet, only one store has a listing for it. Confusingly, it shares the ZM###-GVII naming convention. It also has 550 and 650w versions, and I have