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  1. Wrong place to ask your question. People that post on Computer forums normally do not buy cheap motherboards. I'd recommend just going to Amazon or Newegg, select the cheap MB you want and read the reviews.
  2. For only 15 euro more, I'd definitely buy the 3600X. The 3600X is selected from the batch as a CPU that can be clocked higher. 15 Euro is just skipping one lunch!
  3. I absolutely hate my Meshify C case. Why? It's just too perfect and I always feel so inferior to it!
  4. I am very surprised your friends didn't find work as Engineers. I get a daily email that lists numerous job listings for Engineers. Your friends may have to relocate, but I'd be very surprised if they can't find engineering jobs. And as far as the person with the new IT degree, don't get discouraged. Your IT degree will help you get your first IT job and then you can progress from there. I've always said just find a job that you enjoy because if you enjoy it, you will do it well and if you do it well, you will advance. Good luck.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Seasonic-Semi-Modular-Systems-Warranty-Application/dp/B084TSDNKT/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=seasonic+gm550&qid=1597544173&sr=8-1
  6. Gloop, you are right. I used to travel for work and I have to say when it came to electronics the US was always cheaper than the rest of the world. And you didn't notice that I said I knew he was from Belgium, but I really didn't know that when I posted the Paul's Hardware video! I just figured the video would give him some ideas and show him how hard it is to build a $700 unit. If he wants to not exceed his budget then the $500 build in the video is probably a good starting point.
  7. seon123, thank you so much for this information. And you are right, I probably can't hear the PSU fan because I hear the case fans spinning up when the CPU gets warm.
  8. The (excellent) fan spins slowly if there is no load. I never hear the (excellent) fan even under load. From the Seasonic website: S2FC - Smart and Silent Fan Control The intelligent thermal circuit feature is designed to find the optimal balance between the necessity to cool the components and the need to run the power supply in the most silent manner possible. The fan runs in the silent mode up to 50% load. And the fan also has a fluid dynamic bearing. I think seon123 must be thinking about the Seasonic CORE GM-650 whi
  9. He said he has a 700 max budget. He lives in Belgium so that would be Euro's which would be $805. So the correct question would be why am I trying to save him $5.
  10. I would recommend the $800 build in this video:
  11. That's the new Focus GM-650, it's an excellent psu. I bought one from Amazon for $99 a couple of months ago. Here's a photo that shows the part number is still SSR-650FM.
  12. That CPU is completely ruined but I'll take it off your hands! But seriously, unless there is a huge gouge that would hold the heat sink off the CPU then it's not a problem.
  13. Another way to check your RAM speed is to go in the box in the lower left of windows and type in CMD to get to DOS. Then type in: wmic memorychip get speed.
  14. G.Skills Ripjaws F4-3600C16D-16GVK. B-Die with good timings.
  15. I bought an EVGA 500W1 based on an actual review of the product. JonnyGuru wrote it a few years back and even though it didn't have great 12 volt ripple, he gave it a thumbs up. It's been working great for me. I'll take the advice of an expert over the advice of John Q. Public any day!