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  1. https://www.gigabyte.com/Power-Supply/G750H#kf Is this a good PSU for maybe 3080 card or 2080 Super?
  2. title or it is better to wait for the Big NAVI Release
  3. I think that i will put the pump in the AIO_PUMP Header and the fans at the CPU_FAN header
  4. Cougar AQUA-360 Liquid Cooling System
  5. So in which header should i connect the aio
  6. Isn't it dangerous to disable cpu fan warning?
  7. When i connect it to the AIO PUMP header it gives a "cpu fan is not connected" error
  8. Yes, i bought new AIO and i have AIO_PUMP Header and CPU_FAN Header, in which header should i connect the AIO