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  1. So I was just about to purchase an nvme ssd and was making some last moment preparations when I came across a video stating that not all NVME's will work with the M.2 slot and now I'm confused. So if I have this MB specifications for storage: and would like to put in Transcend MTE220s NVME (M-key), will I have any issues with it?
  2. So I can just basically play without worry that my m.2 ssd won't get too hot? I'm planning to install FFXIV and overwatch on it (idk how much load these games would put on the ssd though).
  3. I'm planning to buy an M.2 SSD for expanded storage, I'm on a tight budget so I'm eyeing Transcend MTE220S 250gb variant. I've researched about the product and found out that they can get really hot, (well all SSD especially M.2 form factors) up to 70 deg C. So if I plan to use it for gaming and say that I'll be playing often, do you think it will constantly hit the 70 deg C mark while I play to the point that it affects the overall thermals of my PC?
  4. Hi, I just want to seek some opinion on what do you think my options are if my ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler idles at around 55 deg C temp at 35 deg C ambient temp (sweating right now ugh). Should I change case (I basically have an mATX case with 2 intake fans in front, 1 exhaust at the top and 1 exhaust on the rear) or opt for an aftermaket cpu cooler?