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  1. When I download the lan drivers from Asus the Asus setup won't run, upon googleing it all they said was to have device manager update it with that directory, so Im stuck without a way
  2. But how the hell could it of just randomly broke?
  3. I don't have a Ethernet adapter anymore, I'm not sure what I did but my Ethernet adapter stopped working and it's not showing up in device manager even with hidden devices on. I have a asus b550-f gaming, non-wifi, I'm not sure what to do but I do have a little wireless dongle so I can download anything if I need to but the connection keeps dropping and is really slow so I need that Ethernet to start woking.
  4. Task manager doesn't need to, but it doesn't necessarily make sense. And no there wasn't anything
  5. Ok so I got my "new" Radeon 7570 in the mail and im trying to set it up in my PC as a second gpu for shits and gigs, but it won't work? Its showing up in hardware monitor as a hd 7570 but that's it, task manager isn't picking it up, and gpu-z picks it up but it has alot of missing info and the core and memory clocks are wayyyyy wrong, I tired flashing it's bios but to no avail, any help?
  6. Well what I'm thinking is, how would I change the card to compute mode without drivers?
  7. Also, no compatibility issues on the 2 gpus on one mobo right? Just slot in and boot?
  8. As in windows 10 will do it all? Also your a big help to the community keep that up my man
  9. To start off I have an asus strix rog b-550f motherboard with a ryzen 7 3700x and a rx580. I know that its stupid, and a waste of money, I just want to toy around with it, but I bought a Radeon HD 6450, and I was just wondering for 1.) how to connect it to my motherboard with my rx 580 without it sharing bandwidth or interfering with my rx 580 in any way 2.) Will the drivers work together or will I have to install a legacy driver update amongst with my Radeon software currently? Included here: https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-hd/amd-radeon-hd-6000-series/amd-radeon-hd-6
  10. Yeah that's why I haven't touched anything of the sorts
  11. I'm honestly scared of voltage tuning, I haven't experimented with it yet so I'm unsure on what the complete safe way to do it is
  12. I'm currently overclocking my friends msi 1060 6g and I'm at +163 core clock, if I go any higher, my benchmarks crash, I'm guessing it's due to power limit cause the power limit is 116 and furmark is bouncing between 113 and 116 on tdp, should I just stick with my overclock on core or down it a bit to increase memory clock aswell? Also just a off-topic thing, does the artifact scanner on msi kombuster work reliably?
  13. Oh alright, weirdness as in artifacts and like 2 3 second freeze frames?