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  1. My thoughts are: -The 5950x has highest performance for gaming/4K there is currently. -I also render so the extra cores would definitely speed that up. -I'm upgrading my monitor to 4k 144Hz. I need all the fps I can get. -A top tier cpu with alot of cores should curb an upgrade for a while. So a 5950x is the only choice for this gen for me. The main question however remains. Does it make sense to sink this much money into the last of AM4 or wait for AM5 assuming its only a year away? Heck Rocket Lake I think drops Q1 2021 but I heard its a joke and only 8
  2. Hello & thanks for stopping by, Im currently on i7-2600k from 2011 with a gtx 1060 using a SATA SSD for OS and HDD for storage. As you can see I hold onto my hardware to get the most value from it. I really want to get larger/high res monitor and larger SSDs for new game storage. This system wont handle the high resolution & I dont want to put money in a old system when it could go towards a new setup. Im ready to take the dive and upgrade to AMD5950x and RTX3080/Navi 21. However, this is the end of the AM4 socket. So there will be no upgrade path to the next ge
  3. Ok great. Thanks for the link and easy explanation.
  4. Hello & thanks for stopping by, Im building a new AMD Win10 system. I want to keep my 4tb HDDs from my current Intel Win7 for backup. They have data on them and I dont want to wipe them. I am not sure how to safely install these in the new system and keep my data. Can I simply just unplug them from old system and plug them into new AMD motherboard? Doubt it.
  5. Thanks for stopping by, Im building a new system and wanted to know what the easiest method to get Win10 on it? I see techtubers appear to stick a usb into a new setup and install. Seems simple. Should I do that or is there a better way? If so, does that mean I go buy a Win10 key, download the install files from somewhere onto a usb, then plug said usb into new AMD system & then tell it to install from usb? Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Few questions: I see the x27 was made in 2018. Is there nothing newer thats better since then? Is 27" @4k big enough or should it be closer to 30"+? Ive read that 1440p shouldn't go bigger than 27" so it made me wonder if 27" @4k was to small. I assume some games would be best played at 1440p vs 4k for fps. Does gaming @1440p on a 4k monitor look bad? Hmmm, So are these 2 the best monitors under $2000?
  7. Hello thanks for stopping by. I am building a new system in a month or 2 using AMD 5950 & 3080/Navi 21. Currently using a Dell 24" 1920x1200 IPS. Haven't been keeping up with monitor tech so I need your advice. Here are my thoughts: -Up to $2000. -Great color accuracy (I occasionally render/photoshop). - 144hZ+ should be good. I do game, mainly shooters, but I'm not sure on Hz. /higher the better. -I don't know if HDR & 4k are important as I've never used them. I think I want 4k but is it bad to then game using the monitor at 1440p f
  8. wow thats a lot of options. Hard to know what are the better ones. Thanks for the input.
  9. I guess I should have said I dont need professional level color accuracy. No budget. I want a great monitor.
  10. Hello All, I currently have a 24" Dell 1920x1200p 60Hz monitor. Im ready to make the investment in getting a significantly better monitor setup. I need some recommendations. I render 3D models & use Photoshop so color accuracy is somewhat important to me. I also game so high refresh rate/response time is important too. I have a 2080ti gpu. Here's what I think I want: Fast response time 144Hz or more 1440p or greater Color accuracy Gsync/Freesync 27" minimum Thanks for your input.