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  1. CPU wont go over 65 and GPU wont go over 70
  2. Few months ago when i added SSD.
  3. Hi, so i had this problem yesterday and today pc shut down again. Yesterday i was playing Mafia like 3hours and suddenly pc shut down. Power led is still on, rgb od mobo is still on, cpu fan not working as well as rgb on fan. I cant turn on pc so i need to turn off PSU switch. After that everything is normal but mouse isn't working so i need to replug it to work. R5 2600 B450 Aorus elite Hyperx Predator ram 8gb 3000 RX 580 8gb Unpopular brand nJoy psu with 600W and mouse is HyperX pulsefire core if that matters but i bought it few days ago
  4. Thanks well i am buying just 120GB for windows only, it's like 30 bucks here which is same as 2.5"
  5. Hi, i got some money and i want to upgrade my PC. I am going to buy Ryzen 5 2600, B450 Aorus Elite and cheapo M.2 My question is do i have to buy new RAM because i have Patriot PSD48G213381 which isn't in QVL. But on userbenchmark i found that people have mine RAM with r5 2600 running. Should i risk at that or should i buy a new one. PS I know that 2133 is low speed but this is tight budget...