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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum, but I watched LTT for years. My suggestion is, because Data Science is becoming the next big thing on the job market, I suggest you (Linus Tech Tips) make a video for entry level, mid level and high level PC builds. I encountered a bunch of people who try to build there PC get into lot of problems with their budgets. Why people tend to build their own Machine learning PC: 1. Machine and Deep learning need much more power then our every day PC, because they do lot computational stuff 2. AWS and Azure are too expensive 3. A lot of Data Scientist(D
  2. Thanks for the help I just did that today, and it's super awesome to run my predictions models at a great speed
  3. It's a software for predicting success for a business, it takes large amounts of data, that is why I need it
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum but I've followed the LTT channel for years, my question is: How can I setup a server in my home that is used for Machin Learning (ML), and I want to run my code from my laptop, but the actual should be running on my server, and then when the process is completed I want it displayed on my screen on the laptop. I know what part's I need, I only need to know how to setup the software. (I use the jupyter notebook) Thanks!!